A Magical Berry

Buy Diazepam 5Mg By: Sage Wang


https://thewonderlist.net/5wzy818v4u The piston shot into the air, lava pouring down from its sides. The heat burned, the family rushing to save all the berries from their gardens. Many berries were burned over this flaming wonder, but the people were at least able to also save some of their belongings. The thick, hazy, smoke blew into the air, consequently causing many to choke and cough. Then there was a roar of laughter, Azul wondering how and who had done this.

https://urbanresearchnetwork.org/qigkkmyr “Who did this?” Azul, leader of Berryville cried, his children turning to look at him. Laughter could still be heard. Azul turned his head, and looked into the silvery fog. And there they were. “Chino, Chiko!” Azul yelled with a defeating roar. “I should have known, you little troublemakers!”

The twins laughed. “We made a trap, and it set off your lava, we are so clever!” they chuckled.

Azul remained calm. “You shall drink one of my magical soups.” he said. At first, they refused. Azul turned impatient. So, he forced the drink down their mouths. And with a bright flash, they disappeared.

https://timinglap.com/omc071m5h “What happened?” Bruno asked.

“You will see later.” Azul announced proudly. My magic soup can do mysterious things, dear son.”

“But…. where…. where did they go??” Bruno asked, puzzled.

https://www.starcouriernews.com/2023/03/w3icn4368l “You shall see soon.” Azul said with a bright smile. “My soups may look like water, but it is just mysterious.”

Buy Valium 5Mg Uk “What…. what happened?” Sundia asked, scratching her chin.

“You will see, daughter.” Azul said, smiling again. “Those two thieves will be gone for looooooong time.” The children nodded, walking sadly away from their village. They walked, hoping to find somewhere to live.

“Oh, well.” Sundia said. “We should start eating our berries, indeed.” So the poor family stopped at a grassy ledge and started to eat. SLURPP! They wolfed down all their berries immediately all except one. It looked rotten; Bruno was wondering why it was shining in the sun. But just in case when Azul and Bruno weren’t looking, Sundia quickly put the foul berry in her jean pocket. When they started off again, a huge home came into sight.

“Wowww. It’s like a mansion!” Bruno cried, bursting with excitement. “We could live here forever!” And the family did move to the empty home, thinking it belonged to no one. But when the owner came back, they were as shocked as a mouse seeing a giant cat.

“What are you doing in my mansion, stupid people??’ the witch cried, trembling with anger. “This is MY house!!”

“WE, MADAM, ARE GOING TO KILL YOU FOR BEING SO RUDE!!!” Azul yelled angrily, pulling out his magic wand.

“YOU WANT TO FIGHT, LET”S FIGHT, FATSO!!” the witch replied, raising her wand. So, the witch muttered under her breath, “Lightning shock this dumb guy, and let me free, let me fly!!!” Nothing happened. “WORK, YOU IDIODIC WAND!!!” the witch shouted desperately, waving the wand like it was a streamer.

Azul laughed, and he immediately told his two children, “Her wand won’t work when I am controlling her powers.” he whispered. Bruno and Sundia gasped.

“I never knew Daddy was magic!” Sundia cried.

“I knew he was magic, but I didn’t know he could stop other people’s powers!” Bruno said, amazed at what his father could do. Azul then waved his wand and chanted, “Lightning, please shock this evil witch, but I don’t need to stich!” Immediately lightning came down and struck the evil witch. “OWWWIEEEEE!!” she yelled. And she was dead.

“WOOWWWWW!!” Sundia and Bruno said, applauding for their father’s unique performance. Azul grinned.

“Let us celebrate with a berry!” Sundia cried.

“But….we ate all our berries!” Bruno objected, confused.

“No, we didn’t!” Sundia said, pulling out the rotten berry from her pocket.

“We can’t eat that, it’s rotten!!” Azul and Bruno cried. Just as they opened their mouths, Sundia quickly shoved a piece of the berry down her and their throats. ACKKK!! ACKK! Bruno and Azul thought the berry was disgusting. But, Sundia thought it was delicious!! She swallowed it immediately. And then they all disappeared. They respawned in a room, and it was divided into three equal sections. Azul, Bruno, and Sundia each fit in one. They could not get to each other’s rooms. Sundia’s room, had a mansion, while Azul and Bruno had dusty cabins.

“Why??” Bruno asked. Azul thought the same. Then they remembered the disbelief they had about the berry and sighed. Now they knew why Sundia had her own mansion. She believed in the berry, and that was what counts. Belief.





Rich Wang