A Real Cannonball

https://urbandesign4health.com/7yyr593hu My pencil/sword. P.S. My sword is longer but can't fit the dimensions

By: Rich Wang



Buy Valium From Europe   Goal!!!!

Buy Bulk Diazepam Uk   “This is getting ridiculous, “ I thought. “ The Curious Cannonballs are winning 60-0. This is a new record for me, not stopping any goals! It’s half time so at least I get a break from trying to stop the cannonball’s kicks.

https://thecriticalreel.com/bs61xupq2l4   “All right team! We can still win this!” the coach said. “We still have 30 more minutes to score so all we have to do is…” The coach droned on and on and on about plans that wouldn’t work.

https://www.wavysurfcamp.com/wfil966   “Half time is over! “ the referee declared. I went back to my position as goalie when the referee declared: “Start!”

https://homanathome.com/2023/03/n5pru67   “Hee hee hee! Minions, you can go now!” one of the players on the other team said.

https://techzinglive.com/page/1871/ma5bylg8   “What was that? Did I hear him right?” I thought. Suddenly, all of the players on the other team disappeared. That is, all but the one who shouted out the comment about minions.

https://houstonjunkcar.com/o2engpb85   “My name is Bobby Joe!” the last guy on the other team said. “Now die!” Suddenly, Bobby Joe turned into a 20 feet robot, complete with missiles and everything!

  “Ahh!!” nearly everyone watching and playing the soccer game yelled as Bobby Joe launched about 100,000 missiles everywhere. Somehow, no one was hurt. Everyone ran, that is, everyone except me. I was frozen with fear!

  “You’ll be the first to die!” Bobby Joe said as he picked up the soccer ball. “Die sweetly please! Ha-ha! I’m so funny!” Bobby Joe hurled the soccer ball at me. It turned into a cannonball and zinged towards me.

  I took out my lucky pencil (don’t laugh) and desperately screamed: “Someone, anybody! Help me!” I squeezed my lucky pencil tightly…and it turned into a double bladed green sword.

  “What!” Bobby Joe and I said at the same time. The cannonball bounced off my sword and zinged towards Bobby Joe.

  “There will be a next time!” Bobby snarled at me. Then, just as he was about to be hit by the cannonball, he teleported away, probably to a hideout or something. Um, time to go home, “I thought as my sword turned back into a pencil. “Maybe I can find out if what just happened was magic, science or a dream…”

Rich Wang