Al and the Shrink Machine

Al reading a science book Al reading a science book      

      Over the years, Al loved to look at science books, newspapers, and science websites on the computer. His mother feared about Al’s education in other subjects like math, writing, and social studies. And she was always so surprised when his report card was always great! Al had a secret to having a good report. “You have to know when to do what, not just what to do.”

      Al mostly studied other subjects at school, which explained why his mother thought he never studied. She was never at school! But Al never told his secret to anyone, not even his best friends! Even though Al was also very good at many other subjects besides science, Al knew he would be, a scientist.

Order Diazepam Online From India       Now, Al didn’t make explosions or anything that did harm, but he certainly had his own lab. It was the basement in his house. No one ever dared to come in Al’s lab. It was a huge mess inside. Soap was scrambled all over the ground, baking soda was spilled over the tables, and the tables were all covered with paint. “He’s certainly messy, but…” his mother would say. “He’s creative at the same time.” his father finished. And indeed Al was. He was very messy, but creative too.

      And you could guess what Al was doing now. Yep. He was sitting in his science lab, enjoying his weekend as usual. Now, Al was adding some paint to baking soda. I wonder what happens when I do this.” thought Al. “Do I get colored baking soda?” Indeed Al did get colored baking soda. “Well, what happens when I mix vinegar with baking soda?” he thought curiously. And he poured some vinegar in with the baking soda he had. BOOM! “Wow!” exclaimed Al. “What an explosion!” “AL!” he heard his mother yell. “What the heck was that?” “A mix of vinegar and baking soda.” Al replied back to her. “It caused an explosion.” he explained next. “Well,” she sighed. “Don’t do it again!” “You almost made my tea spill!” she complained. “Okay!” Al said. “I won’t!”

      “Why do grown-ups have to be so cranky?” he thought. “I’ve had enough of her.” “Man, life would be amazing if we could shrink.” he whispered to himself, changing the subject. “But how could I make myself smaller? And Al sat there in his lab, thinking about what he could do. “I’ve got it!” Al suddenly exclaimed. “All I have to do is find something small, convert it into a special liquid, and apply it to myself!” And Al took a screw, and used his special converting machine to turn it into a liquid, and Al drank it. Immediately, Al began to shrink. “I’m as small as a screw!” he cried. “My new invention really does work!”

Buy Diazepam India Online       So, Al went to his house garage, took a pair of skis, shrunk them with his special liquid, and put them on. Then, he went over to some leftover mashed potatoes, and he automatically started to ski! “Wow!” Al said. “I never knew you could ski on mashed potatoes!” Then Al started taking off his skis. Just as he was about to go, he slipped into a bowl of warm soup. “Ah…” Al sighed. “This would be the perfect bath for me.” “I didn’t know you could take a bath in soup!” he exclaimed. Al climbed out of the soup bowl, and walked towards his mother’s guitar. “I wonder what it’s like in a guitar.” Al thought. And Al stepped inside. “I’m going to strum a quick tune on my guitar.” He heard his mother say to his father. “You know how I like to pay music in the afternoons, especially on weekends.” Al’s mother picked up the guitar, and started to strum a tune.       “Bum, bum, bum.” The guitar played. “Ow!” Al said from inside the guitar. When his mother strummed the guitar, it caused Al to swing back and forth with the sound waves and hit the guitar, because Al was so small. “OW!” yelled Al. The pain was hitting very forcefully now. Al was covered in bumps, bruises, and he was already starting to feel sick. Soon, Al’s mother stopped strumming. A few seconds later, Al fainted. Many minutes later, Al woke up. Al dizzily walked out of the guitar, and suddenly a horrible thought came to him.       “How will I come back to my normal size again?” “Maybe I could take something big, convert it into a liquid, and apply it to myself.” he thought. But, Al knew that he couldn’t carry something big. He knew he was too small! So, Al took some more of the liquid he used to have, and applied some more of it to himself. And Al grew back to his normal size again. “Being small is fun,” Al thought. “when you use it the right way. And he was right.

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