Al and the Summer Vacation

Buy Daz Diazepam By: Sage Wang       School had finally ended. Al was so happy! He would finally have time to do what he wanted! But, Al’s mother said, “It’s time for vacation!” And there was no arguing about that. Al sighed. He wanted to stay home. But, Al was actually a little bit excited about vacation at the same time!       Al talked with his parents and soon, they were all headed for Utah, which was a very snowy and cold state! Soon, Al’s family had arrived at the airport. Soon enough, they had arrived at Utah. Al and his family stepped out into the cool, misty air. “Brrrr!” said Al, shivering in the cold air. He wasn’t used to so much snow! Al picked some snow up and said to himself, “I might as well take this snow home to experiment with later.” And Al slipped the snow into his pocket, and trudged along the snowy town along with his family. They walked into the rental to borrow some skis. Soon, they had all left the rental with a new pair of skis. “Woahh!” cried Al, accidently stumbling o his new skis.

      “Ready to ski down the hill?” his father asked him. Al really was afraid to ski down such a steep hill, but he didn’t want to show his fear and said nervously, “All right.” Whoosh! As the family skied down the hill, Al lost his balance and tripped. SPLAT! Al landed in the snow face-first. But, Al’s mother and father had skied away further down the hill! Al tore off his skis and stared back up the hill. “I hope that I can see my father and mother from up here.” Al thought. But all Al saw was snow that covered the land.       “How I wish I stayed home!” sighed Al. “What am I going to do?” Al had not brought anything from his lab to help him right now. Suddenly, at the corner of his eye, Al spotted his mother and father walking down a snowy road. Al raced toward them at great speed, carrying his skis with him. Al soon reached his parents. “Oh, we were both so worried about you!” Al’s mother cried. Tears were streaming down her face. Al hugged both his parents.       Al’s family went back to the ski rental ad they all gave their skis back. The family all went into the airplane and soon, the family reached home. It felt so good to be home at last! “I can finally use that snow I saved earlier to experiment now!” Al said excitedly. But when he reached into his pocket that had contained the snow, Al found that the snow had melted! Al really had enjoyed Utah still, and he was looking forward to go there again next summer.

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