Alone By: Sage Wang       I hate myself. That was the only thing that Sarah could say to herself. Well, why? Because in first grade, she had said that she “liked” a boy named Sam, and now she had absolutely no friends at all. “Well, how did that make you not have any friends?” her brother Richard would probably ask. “Because everyone just assumed that I meant love, instead.”

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Cheap Valium Purchase       Sarah’s daycare, Talent Garden, was not much better. “When we get to the gym, let’s play tag!” said a boy, David. “Good idea!” replied another boy, Alex. Gym was basically recess, and guess what? Sarah hated gym. “There’s no one to play with, and I’m always mad watching everyone else have fun!” Sarah would always say.       It was another ordinary day at school. The fraction lesson she had in second grade, the science study of natural resources, and more vocabulary… You get the idea. The list could go on forever. And then the most annoying thing that Sarah hated each day happened. The recess bell. Thirty whole minutes of sitting and doing nothing. “How exciting.” Sarah said sarcastically. Four boys playing a game of tag. Two girls pretending to be animals. And her?

      “The name of my game is sit around and do nothing.” was all Sarah could say. “Finally-the-torture-time-is-over.” Sarah moaned about each word per second. But now… Lunch. Right after recess was lunch. Katie and Carly, the girls who had pretended to be animals, sat together talking, talking, talking, talking… Even those four boys were talking. And her? Again. Sitting alone in the cafeteria.

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      Circle time. And right after lunch was circle time. And guess what? No one sat next to Sarah in the circle. “And the teacher doesn’t even care!” Sarah wanted to scream out. Those four boys, Ben, Harry, Ken, and Al seemed to be able to read her mind. “The teacher doesn’t care because you’re a dumbhead!” snickered Ben, sticking his tongue out. Now, Sarah wanted to beat up every one in her class –even Katie and Carly. The go-home bell, as Sarah called it, finally rang.

      Talent Garden. David and Alex were making their plans for gym as usual. “We’ll play tag again today, okay?” suggested David. “Fine with me!” replied Alex slyly. And those three girls. Lucy, Helen, and Betty were chatting away, again. And Sarah had no friends.

      Each gym day, (like this one) all Sarah did was stare at everyone play. Doing this each day made Sarah furious. “No, I must stand up for myself.” The thought raced through Sarah’s mind. “No! I must stand up for myself!” she repeated to herself! “NO! I MUST STAND UP FOR MYSELF!” “Oh, no, did I just scream that out loud?” “SARAH! WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SCREAMING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM?” the teacher snapped quite loudly. “I well, you see, what happened was, er, um, you see-“ “Stop the lame excuses!” the teacher interrupted. “You are going to the principle’s office!” “NOW!!!!” she added.

      And now the big lecture. “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!” the principle yelled. Well, to Sarah that’s all that she seemed to hear. When the lecture was finished, (which seemed like hours to Sarah) Sarah grumpily stomped out of the principle’s office, and back to her classroom.

Finally it was time to go home. When Sarah’s mother caught a glimpse of Sarah’s frown and slumped back, she started to say, “Sarah. You just think on the bright side! Now stop acting like a grumpy gus and sit straight! Days went by like this and Sarah was getting very angry.

      But one day, when Sarah was coming home from school, things changed. Sarah suddenly had a great idea. “I’m going to stand up for myself.” Sarah thought to herself, remembering what she had (accidentally) screamed out in the gym. “First of all, couldn’t have I just played on the playground? Mom was right. I just need to think on the bright side!” she thought, her face turning into a bright smile. “Oh, and couldn’t I have just laughed and made fun of those obnoxious boys back?” Sarah slapped her forehead. There really was a solution to this problem of hers.

      That next morning, Sarah was ready for revenge. She would fight if she had to, and she would fight for her friendship until she reached her goal.


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