Andy’s Improvement

The teacher lecturing Andy for not finishing his homework on time one week

The teacher lecturing Andy for not finishing his homework on time one week By: Sage Wang



      “Andy, are you sure you did your homework?” Mr. Perkins eyed me suspiciously, clearly knowing that I didn’t. I flail around for a good excuse.

      “Y-yes! I did, I did!” I try to reply calmly, but it came out all jumpy like I was nervous. Clearly the teacher could tell that I had not completed the assignment. Stumbling to my desk, I sit down and start to read one of my favorite novels: “ Percy Jackson”. The teacher was scowling at me again when I realized I was supposed to be working on my algebra worksheet. So I put my bookmark back in my book and began to write. Soon after I had finished the worksheet, it was time to rotate to our next class. Walking down the middle school hallways, I found my friend Jackie packing up for our last class for the day, English.

      Once I was in the classroom, the teacher told us to write a quick two-paragraph essay about something they wished had never happened. Instantly, I had an idea. Jotting down writing as fast as I could, my essay was finished in fifteen minutes. This is how it looked:

A thing that made me miserable was that today in math class, Mr. Perkins yelled at me for not finishing my homework this week. I regretted it and promised to never forget again. When I made that promise, I felt like I could never keep it because I was always to busy doing other things, like folding paper and writing essays for English class.

      When Mr. Perkins made that face that meant that I was in big trouble, I promised to change and actually start being a good student, a responsible student. Now I regret being so disrespectful and not finishing assignments that need to be done. I promised to always do my best, forever, and try to be a great student here at River Creek Middle School.

      When the English teacher read my essay, she nodded and mumbled to herself something I couldn’t hear. When she had read all of our essays, she walked up to the front of the classroom and announced, “I see all of you have made improvement in your writing lately. I see that some of you have learned a lesson,” she said, looking directly at me, “-and some of you have just wished something wouldn’t ever happen to you again.” This time, she turned to Jackie. I glanced at him and noticed him smiling sheepishly. BRIIING! The bell rang. “Well,” the teacher sighed, “You may go home now.” I flung my backpack on my shoulder and left the school building.

      The next week, I made sure to be respectful and responsible. Every day I made sure to finish my homework and do what I needed to do. Mr. Perkins was very proud of me for keeping my promise. From then on, I became a great student at River Creek Middle School.



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