Attack Of The Night Creatures

Louie's army

Louie's army By: Sage Wang


Once again the night creatures were taking over Dreamland, (Louie still wasn’t sure if this was a dream.) and it was up to the land’s brave knight (Kubucka) to save the land from the horrifying zombies, spiders, and witches. Louie immediately ran up to the knight’s grand room, and cried with a rush of panic, “Your kindness,” Louie began, “I am afraid that the creatures of the night are trying to take over our land. Will you help us?” he asked, bowing at Kubucka’s empty throne. Louie looked up from his bow. The knight was gone. “Where did he go? Is he dead, did someone kidnap him?” Thoughts raced through Louie’s mind. Without Kubucka, Dreamland was hopeless. It would be too hard to even find the knight, since his house had over twenty rooms!

Days went by, and there was still no sign of the lands precious knight. Louie was thunderstruck, as if a knife had plunged deep within his heart. Louie could only feel failure and stress. Night came, and Dreamland would be hopeless, forever. A zombie lunged forward, its mighty claws seemed like they would pierce anyone’s heart in half. “What do I do?” Louie thought, shivering with fright. WHOOSH! An arrow suddenly flew towards the zombie. It hit the zombie with full force, sending it to its death. “Nice one!” Louie cried happily at the person who was carrying a bow an arrow. “Louie, lead us.” a voice whispered. “Our old leader is gone.” “LOUIE WILL LEAD US THROUGH ALL THE NIGHTS!” the people shouted, as if they thought Louie had some sort of special power. “I’m just some afraid boy.” Louie thought. “Why me become their leader?” But as soon as he saw how badly the townspeople were begging him, he looked down at his feet and sighed, intensity filling his body with panic. Sunrise arrived, and the land was safe –for now. They had to make a plan. “Here,” Louie said, “We will lead the zombies in one place. Then, our army will shoot arrows at them.” “But what about the spiders and witches?” one cried. “And where are we going to get an army?” another asked, puzzled. There were still two people who misunderstood this. “We will lead all the night creatures in one place with some fake soldiers. And our people are our army.” Louie replied.

“But… how will we be an army?” one asked.

“We will just be one. Now you are archers. Here take your bows and arrows. You will be swordsmen. And finally you will be potion-makers.” he said, pointing to groups of men. He quickly gave each of the men iron armor, which he hoped would be strong enough to fight the night creatures. But, night came before he could make the fake soldiers, and Dreamland was doomed.

“SWORDSMEN, FORWARD!” Louie cried, hoping they could survive the night. The swordsmen charged at a incoming witch that was holding a poison potion. The look on their faces was nothing but determination. They rushed forward, their sharp blades instantly slicing the witch to death. A group of spiders ran forward, ready for revenge.

“What stupid humans!” he heard one say. Louie did not know these spiders could talk. “Shut up and destroy the darn people!” Louie heard another reply. “These spiders are really rude, too!” thought Louie. “Archers, now!” Louie demanded. More than three-dozen arrows hit the herd of spiders. “OWWWWWIIIEEEE!!!!” he heard them cry. And they were dead. Zombies then came forward. Louie was glad he had potion makers, and cried “Potion-makers, now!” Louie cried, bursting with leadership. Poisonous potions were thrown, causing all the zombies to die as well. But then something worse happened. Their master Kubo had arrived. And he could survive in the morning mist, unlike all the other creatures.

“You have inferred with my plans for the last time!” he yelled, outraged with this situation. “Wait… what was the last time you guys were an army?” he questioned, noticed the armor and weapons the soldiers had.

Louie laughed. “COMBINATION MOVE!” he yelled. Arrows and poison potions flew forward. The swordsmen attacked from close range. All the attacks were thrown out with a huge amount of force, striking the evil man. As the last arrow hit Kubo, the beast defeated. All the people let out a cheer first of disbelief and surprise, then in happiness and joy. Louie couldn’t believe he had led an army, he had to admit he was very proud of himself.

“LOUIE! L-O-U-I-E! He helped and led us!” the people yelled, leaving Louie with majority of the credit. Thanks to Louie and the people of Dreamland, Dreamland was safe, forever.


Rich Wang