Retake, Retake, Retake!

The teacher yelling about the failed test

The teacher yelling about the failed test

By: Sage Wang ​

“Time for an electronic break!” our teacher says. “Everyone, start playing games for two hours!” And this was regular school. Yes, this is not a dream, stop laughing! You see, ever since I hypnotized my teacher, she’s been letting us have a two hour video game break every day! (Don’t tell my mother!) Also, for the rest of the day we get fifteen scoops of ice cream. It’s not fake or paper ice cream, trust me. Then suddenly in the middle of our video games, the teacher goes crazy!

Buy Genuine Diazepam Online Uk “WHY ARE ALL OF YOU PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!” she screams like a lady that was about to faint. Uh oh, I think she woke up from her trance. This means she’s not hypnotized anymore, nooooooo! “Time for pre-algebra lessons!” Oh, great, I totally love this math. “If blah blah blah blah, “ the teacher blabbers with her big fat mouth, “-then blah blah blah blah! Blah got it, blah blah?” “Also, blah blah blah.” That was the best I could translate her words. “Time for a test!” WAIT, WAIT, WE WERE HAVING A TEST??? I NEVER STUDIED-

“Start!” the teacher interrupts. Okay, I’ll just do random answers… After the test, guess what? The teacher is now yelling at me for getting a bad grade. You will retake the test…IN THREE SECONDS! Study… before I count! Three, two, one.” WAIT, I NEVER GOT TO THE FIRST QUESTION YET! HOLD ON- “Start again!” I sigh and guess all the answers again. This time…. I do better! Even the teacher said! But my test score was better by 0000000.1 points. “Okay people, time to go home!” the teacher announces. I leave school gladly. Good thing I don’t have to take that test again!

The next day at school, first thing the teacher cries, “Time to retake your test! YOU STUDIED, RIGHT?? YOU BETTER HAVE!” NO, I DIDN’T! I THOUGHT I WOULDN’T HAVE TO TAKE THE TEST AGAIN! PLEASE NO, I-

“Start.” the teacher instructs once more. NOT AGAIN! I choose random answers again! I keep failing the pre-algebra test until it was time to go home, thank goodness! It’s the weekend, time to relax! After that weekend, I feel relaxed completely. Nothing to worry about! That day at school, my eyeballs almost popped out when the teacher says, “Time to retake your test!” NOOOOOOO! WHY CAN’T SHE GIVE ME A BREAK! I JUST WANT A HOT DOG WITH KETCHUP AND SOME FRENCH-

“Fine, you don’t have to take the test.” the teacher sighs. YESS! THANK YOU, THANK YOU-


“Fine, if you don’t want to be suspended from school, then come with me.” I do, and she takes me to the principal’s office!! Then my teacher leaves me with the principal.

“So kid, what happened? I heard you failed your pre-algebra test fifty times, eh?“ the principal questions me.

“I didn’t fail fifty times.” I say. “I er, failed forty-nine times.”

“THAT’S BASICLLY THE SAME THING!” the principal roars. Uh oh, this is a huge nightmare!!


Rich Wang