Back to School

Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets By: Sage Wang

​ 1/4/16, Monday

Today’s the last day of winter vacation before school. In my perspective, my last day of freedom. Did I mention how much I hate school? By the way, my name’s Colin, I’m 12 years old, and I’m going to middle school. I really want to be famous in seventh grade like this kid in my class Logan Perter. One thing anyone knows is that you get famous for being good at stuff. And one of the main things that I hate about Logan is that he’s a teacher’s son, so he get’s good awards and praise often, which makes me think of him as a complete jerk.

Anyway, I’m really started to get sad about the “back-to-school” thing. Sure, it’ll be great to see Joel, Tyler, and my other friends again, but I hate learning and that kind of educational stuff. And by the way, one of the biggest reasons I don’t want to go back to school is because of the terrifying seventh grade bully Adam Phern. Everyone in the school is afraid of him, so it’s not embarrassing that I’m afraid of a kid. Us kids have tried everything- teaming up to outnumber him (that was a big mistake), trying to tell adults about him, and trying to stand up to him. Notice that I always say the word “trying”, so you probably know that those strategies all failed. Just so you know, the PSC (problem solving committee) tried to find a solution to the bully, but nothing came to our minds at the meeting. Just so you know, I started the PSC and most of my friends joined, and also some other pretty friendly people all agreed to join. Basically, we meet at my tree house every Sunday (that was yesterday) and Thursday at 7:25 to 7:45 after school. As you can already tell, the meetings last 20 minutes each. Hopefully this half of the year will be better than the last horrifying half before. We’ll just have to wait and see.

1/5/16, Tuesday

It isn’t as easy to wake up at 7:00 as you think. Even though most public middle schools open at 9:00, Wood Middle School starts at 8:00, which means I have to get up at seven. I’ve been sleeping in until ten for two whole weeks, and it isn’t easy to change that habit, especially since I forgot to set my alarm since I was so tired last night. I was sleeping, when suddenly my mom woke me up and yelled, “Get up! It’s 7:35 already! You’re going to be LATE!” That jolted me awake. If you go to my middle school, you do not want to be tardy. Being tardy is a very serious issue here at Wood Middle School. Truthfully, they’re serious about everything here. Why? Because this is the best middle school in below a B+, and you have detention. Listen, I didn’t WANT to go to Wood Middle school. In fact, I had heard about it a lot since my brother Justin (who is now in high school 9th grade and is 14) went there. Yes, I admit, Justin is really smart. He NEVER got anything below an A+ on his report card. He studied very hard on every test to make sure he could understand the material really, really well. In fact, when my brother was in Wood middle school in 8th grade, he stayed up until 11:00 cramming for the science and math finals.

Here’s the thing though, as I already said many times, I didn’t school. I would be fine going to Rivercreek Middle School, or any other average school. But here’s the thing, my mom really wants me to go to a good college and be famous for changing the world. Don’t get me wrong; I want to do all that. It’s just that I don’t like it when the teachers are so strict and all. And yes, I am a very smart child, I have to say. All my teachers agreed that I have lots of talent, and I excel in many different sports and activities such as tennis, chess, soccer, piano, Spanish, French, art, and basketball. And I did inherit a lot of Justin’s talent as well, because he does a lot of things that I can do too. But again, I just don’t like the fact that in Wood Middle School, the teachers push you so hard and all.

Today, I had a OK day. Okay, okay, I admit that I fell asleep for two minutes when a student was sharing his report on the periodic table, but still, I got no detention at least. My report was on mechanics, which I think is a lot more interesting then what most people did their reports on. Hopefully tomorrow we don’t get assigned to much homework like we did today. I stayed up until 9:45 doing it, but that’s not really that long.

1/6/16, Wednesday

Today at school, we had an amazing day. First of all, we got no managed to make it at school right on time. Basically, I was sleeping when my dad marched upstairs and shook me awake, but it was pretty late by the time he awoke me. Once we finally managed to start driving to school, it was 7:55. The bell was ringing as I barely made it into class, and was panting and puffing as I slumped down onto my seat. But hey, at least I made it.

School isn’t actually that bad at all. I played tag with my friends after school today a lot because I got bored after eating dinner. I’m lucky that my friends are my neighbors at home and classmates at school. The only thing that I didn’t like about today was the fact that Logan got a MEDAL saying “Best Student” from Ms. Perter, his MOM. I still think it’s kind of dumb how Logan is the teacher’s pet JUST BECAUSE the teacher is his mom. Tomorrow we have a PSC meeting after school, so maybe we’ll find a way to deal with that boy. Perhaps- this school year isn’t as bad as I think. In fact, I’m actually starting to enjoy school. I’m on a start to an amazing school year. School has so many amazing wonders in it that you just have to discover.

Rich Wang