Becoming a Mouse By Sage Wang

Buy Valium Roche THUD! THUD! THUD! Footsteps came closer and closer. The noise was deafening, and I wondered why it was so loud! I ran around, trying to figure out what was going on when I tripped on something gray and fuzzy- a tail. Confused, I raced out of my bedroom and ran into my brother, who scooped me up in his hands and carried me to his room. I screamed loudly, clearly horrified. He ignored my protests and put me in a glass cage, which he had built.

Buy Diazepam Eu Everything appeared to be miniature inside the shiny, glass cage. There was a brown, old treehouse, which was definitely handmade, with fragments of wood and nails tucked inside it. A soft, rope ladder dangled down from it, which had been carefully glued and cut. The smell of fresh leaves filled the air, and as I looked around, I saw trees looming up before me in dark, rich soil. There was even a plastic playground inside, with a shiny, turquoise slide, and a ladder to go with it. A yellow swing attached to a pole was right next to it, and a small, fluffy bed lay in the corner.

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Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online “Do you like it?” he asked me with a warm smile. I deeply and truly loved the cage. It had probably taken months to build, and I was amazed at how hard he had worked to build this. However, part of me still ached to explore the outside world, and go on adventures, so I decided to escape.

When my brother left the room, I crept out of the cage and ran into the house bathroom. Suddenly, as I looked around, everything looked so tall. The shower seemed to have grown an impressive ten feet, and the toilet was as large as a baseball stadium! “Surely I’m just dreaming!” I told myself. A moment later, I felt as if something was following me. I spun around and saw that there was a small, furry tail behind me. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Shrugging, I kept looking around, deciding that this was probably a prank that my brother was playing on me. To my surprise, I caught a glimpse of fuzzy wool on my arm. Suddenly, I stopped short. Could it be? Was I the small creature that I had always feared? I slowly and carefully glanced down at myself in horror. I was a mouse!

Buy Valium From India When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I could see that I had soft, gray fur coating my tiny body, which reminded me of my pillow in my bedroom. My small, brown eyes looked fearful, with a glimmer of determination in the corner. I had a small nose that twitched, with whiskers dangling from it that were thin and sensitive. Walking was quite uncomfortable for me, especially on my four stumpy legs. As I ran around, my tail swished behind me like a snake slithering in the desert. I scampered out of the bathroom, squeaking loudly when all of a sudden I saw something black and shiny. I sniffed the air, and smelled something that smelled familiarly like cheese! I walked deeper inside the small contraption, when all of a sudden, I froze. “This must be- no it can’t be- it’s a – MOUSETRAP!!” I yelled, running out of the black house-like area. Running out the door, I heard my father say,

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“My, this mouse is smart. Hold on a second- where’s my daughter? Sage, where are you? Sweetheart?” As I raced out the door, the sidewalk felt bumpy under my tiny feet as I ran across the block. HISSSS! I spun around in fear. Was it a snake? A tiger? An elephan-

“AHH! CAT!” I screamed as the cat swiped at me. I ran off, running as fast as I could with my tiny legs. All of a sudden, I felt myself being lifted into the air. The cat had captured me. The animal snarled and opened its mouth, spit slobbering down its face. I did the only thing I could to avoid getting eaten. I spit in the cat’s face, and when the cat loosened its grip in surprise, I managed to escape. Running as fast as I could, I scampered inside my house and ran past my parents to my room, gasping for breath. Suddenly, I saw a scratched and cut button. Paint was crumbling off it, but I could still see a faint red glow near the edge. I crept towards it, and could see white letters in dim print that read: “DO NOT PUSH.” I could hear a soft humming sound from the button as if warning me not to come closer. Shaking from head to toe, I took another step forward. I cautiously raised my paw, and before I could even brace myself, I pressed the button.

A flash of light enveloped my eyes as I began to grow larger by the instant. Colors flashed everywhere I looked, and my body was changing rapidly. By the time I could see again, I had become human again! It was a miracle. Just then, my mother entered my room, and asked me, “Where have you been, dear?” Smiling to myself, I replied, “I’ve- well, it’s a long story.”

Laughing, my mother told me, “I’m not really surprised, now that I think about it.”

Buy Valium Toronto As my mother left the room, I sighed in relief, thinking how nice it was to be back to human again. “Well,” I thought, “Hopefully next time I get turned into an animal, I’ll be more prepared.” And with that, I went back downstairs, excited for what other adventures would come my way.


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