Debate By Rich Wang

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What debate looks like (sort of) What debate looks like (sort of) That’s right. I’m going to be talking about debate. The thing that lots of parents force their children into. That includes ME. In case you don’t know what debate is, its where there are two people (or groups of people) arguing over a line, like “Dogs are better than cats.” The affirmative side votes in favor of this statement. The negative says the opposite (cats are better than dogs.) However, there is much more to debate than just yelling at the other side that you’re right.

Buy Real Diazepam Online Uk I’ve been taking debate for three weeks with someone, and for the first two weeks, I understood nothing. NADA. However, the third week, we finally stopped talking about all this random stuff about Lincoln and Douglass (I do Lincoln-Douglass style debates) and got into the juicy stuff. The part where we get to tell our opponent that their case (or arguments) is/are garbage and that we’re right. I learned that debates are usually forty-five minutes, so that’s a lot of time you have to say things. That’s pretty much all I learned that week, but I’m pretty sure soon we’ll actually get to debate. 😀 Also, there’s a judge, and he decides who has the better arguments, and whoever does wins (YOU HAVE TO PLEASE THE JUDGE OR HE WON’T SAY THAT YOU WIN.) Debating may sound easy, but all debate topics are over political topics, which unfortunately I know nothing about, so most of the time I have to research random stuff on the internet about these topics, and then I fail at the debate because I do not know enough political things. Unless you’re an adult, you probably don’t know much about political topics either, because you don’t care who wins the race for presidency, or who just became governor of California. If you’re interested in becoming a debater, then you’d better A. Love to talk. B. Know lots of political and world history (because you have to back up your arguments with facts from the past). C. Be willing to debate. I added in that last part because if you hate debating but your mom or dad forces you to do it, just tell them that you hate debate, and (hopefully) they’ll let you quit debating and do whatever you want. However, if you meet all these requirements, then you’ll be a good debater. In fact, debating will help you when you get older, because you have to debate A LOT in businesses.

That pretty much sums up debating. I hope that you learned some stuff about this “sport” that you didn’t know before. If you’re thinking you’d be a good debater, but you don’t know how to get started, just go to your mom and dad, and tell them that you want to debate. Soon you’ll be in a debate class, and maybe after that a debate competition. Good Luck!!