Dogs Rule!

Buy Cheap Valium From India By: Sage Wang
See how helpful and adorable dogs are?

See how helpful and adorable dogs are?

OK, so I know the co-founder of this website made an article saying idiotic CATS are better. But I will prove otherwise! To begin, his “extensive research” was basically HIS OWN THOUGHTS! So ha! Plus, I have been doing REAL extensive research, and around 65% of people would rather have a dog. WHY? BECAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT THE WORLD! Unlike SOME ANIMALS! Cats just sit around licking their butts and coughing up hair balls! NO ONE CARES ABOUT CATS.

Buy Valium England Next, dogs actually can be somewhat useful. If a dog hears noises outside, it will bark to get your attention. If a dog knows you are feeling sad, it will come over and lick your face and wag its tail to try and cheer you up. Guess what a CAT does in those situations! Correct! ABSOULUTELY NOTHING! If you don’t REALIZE, most people actually think of their dogs as FAMILY, not some RANDOM THING I didn’t even WANT because I was FORCED to buy it for my SECOND COUSIN!

Buy Valium Legally Everyone knows that dogs are better. CATS suffer from “THE HUMANS HATE YOU” disease. The DOGS, on the other hand, have a strong immune system with antibodies known as “THE HUMANS LOVE YOU OMG OMG YOU’RE SO CUTE!” In addition to this, dogs are cute, fluffy, and adorable, while CATS wear a fake fur skin around their UGLY MUGS to try and SUCK UP to humans! But even WITH their masks, everyone knows they’re still HIDEOUS. BESIDES, no human being wants a STUPID animal that just sits around while you PAY, like, one million dollars for its needs. That’s like paying for a house while you don’t LIVE in it. Now, if you’re STILL not convinced, you are such a @#$^%^&*!! kind of weird. My last and FINAL argument, which is really good, is that CATS are literally always clueless. Why? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE! You want logical reasoning? SURE! Cats are CLUELESS because they have CLUELESS fur, CLUELESS eyes, CLUELESS bones, CLUELESS muscles, and CLUELESS little BRAINS! They also have CLUELESS ears, CLUELESS noses (and nose hair,) CLUELESS smug little mouths, and CLUELESS FACES in general! GEEEEZZZ! If you are still a “cat believer,” then you are INSANE! To make a clear statement, right now, CATS SUCK! Again, CATS SUCK! For the third time, CATS SUCK! For the fourth time, CATS SUCK! For the fifth- Okay, you get the idea. CAAATTTSSS SSSSUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!! If you have a cat right now, return it to the animal shelter, throw it off a cliff, or drown it in poison. (OK, maybe not the last one.) Now, I’m going to conclude this story by citing my sources. Writer: Sage Wang (me!) Editor: Sage Wang (me!) Research Scientist: Sage Wang (me!) Experiment Tester and Analyzer: Sage Wang (me!) All Other Hardworking Employees: Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), and Sage Wang (me!). Oh, and a few more people, Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), Sage Wang (me!), and Sage Wang (me!). Oh, and one website: To end this essay, cats suck.