Fast and Healthy Food

Fast food against healthy food

Buy Valium 2Mg Online Uk Fast food against healthy food By: Sage Wang


Sarah grinned happily. “I am so lucky Keria!” Today at my grandma’s house I get to have a fast food lunch! Keria said nothing for a second. Then she started looking at Sarah awkwardly.

“Healthy food is much better!” Keria argued. “Everyone knows that!”

“Oh yeah?” Sarah laughed. “I’m older than you by a month! And everyone knows that older people know more!”

“SO?” Keria screamed. “EVEN MY MOTHER SAYS SO, AND SHE’S 39! OH!”

“OH YEAH?” Sarah screamed back. “MY DAD AGREES WITH ME, AND HE’S 46! OH, SO THERE!”

“BUT MY GRANDMA AGREES WITH ME, AND SHE’S 85! THERE!” Keria shouted in Sarah’s face.

“MY GRANDPA AGREES WITH ME, AND HE’S 91! I WIIN NOW!” Sarah shouted back. It went on like that for a while.

Then, Keria’s mother walked up and stated, “It’s an opinion, girls! It doesn’t matter what you say, you’re both right! Do you fourth grade girls need to go back to kindergarten to learn that?” Both girls’ cheeks turned red. And that day, Keria enjoyed her healthy lunch while Sarah devoured her fast food.

The next day, Keria and Sarah both apologized for arguing and yelling with each other. “It was an opinion!” they both laughed.

“You know, healthy food is pretty good, actually.” Sarah admitted.

“Yeah, fast food is pretty tasty, I guess.” Keria admitted back. Laughing and chuckling, the girls hugged, and set off for home together. “Best friends till the end!” Keria grinned.

“BFF’s, hooray!” Sarah laughed. And the girls hugged again.



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