Flying in the Forest

Butterfly and bird The big bird and Flutter together By: Sage Wang


One bright and early morning, a butterfly named Flutter was happily sucking nectar from a flower. She lived in a bright purple sage flower with her mother, Charlotte.

It was summer time, which was camp time for Flutter. “ I am nervous, Mommy. What if all other butterflies laugh at me? “Flutter asked nervously. “Don’t worry honey, I’m sure they won’t. “ Charlotte, Flutter’s mother said back. Tears streamed down Flutter’s face. She was extremely nervous. Soon, they arrived at the camp. The teacher’s name was Ms. Flora. There were two other butterflies at the camp named Sunny and Rainbow.

“Now campers, we will stat our short nature walk.” Ms. Flora announced. Soon, they came upon a beautiful patch of trees. “What are those?” asked Sunny.

“That is a patch of trees. Every year in the summer time they are the greenest.” Ms. Flora answered. Suddenly, they saw a patch of sage flowers.’ “They look just like my home!” Flutter thought. “it is time to go back to camp. “ Ms. Flora said. But Flutter didn’t hear her. She was still looking at the sage flower patch thy had come across. Soon, when Flutter looked up, Ms. Flora, Sunny, and Rainbow were gone! Oh no! Flutter was lost.

Then Flutter saw a giant colorful bird in the sky. It swooped down and grabbed Flutter. The bird flue with Flutter in his break through strong wind making sharp twists and turns. Suddenly, Flutter was dropped. Flutter looked around. She was back home! How had a random bird somehow known her and taken her home? The bird seemed to wink at here when she gazed up in the sky.

“Hello, Flutter. I heard you have had a quite an adventure today.” Charlotte, Flutter’s mother said. Flutter looked up. “Yes Mommy. I did have an adventure. “ Flutter replied back, flapping her wings with excitement. “And boy, oh boy was it a big and magical one. “ Flutter thought.


Rich Wang