Geometry Dash is Educational GEOMETRY DASH IS EDUCATIONAL   Ok, so, if you looked at the title page of this website, you’ll no that I’m addicted to Geometry Dash. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll explain it to you. It’s literally a game where you try to beat levels by avoiding obstacles which will kill you if you bump into them. Well, what kills you? Pretty much everything! You also change into different game modes, and there’s even a level creator which is probably the best level creator in any game. (There are probably more than a thousand user created levels which are made better than the levels that the developer makes.) This sounds really boring, but if you try out the game, you’ll know why I love to play it. The rage, the excitement, the nervousness!

So anyways, let’s get to the point of this essay. Number one, Geometry Dash teaches you programming. In the level creator, you can use triggers, which you have to edit yourself. It actually takes lots of work overall, and is actually just like the basic type of programming! In the end, if you work hard enough, you’ll have coded A LOT and have an amazing-looking level!

Secondly, Geometry Dash helps your reflexes TREMENDOUSLY. In this amazing game, many times you have to tap based on your reactions and what you see, and many times you’ll be very surprised and if you play enough, you’ll find out that when a hidden obstacle suddenly pops up, you’ll be so used to it that you’ll find out your reactions will save you. All of a sudden you’ll realize just how much your reactions have grown. Suddenly, when the big bully at your school comes and shoots a spitball at your hair, you’ll have such good reflexes that you’ll be able to dodge it! (Ok, maybe you’ll only have good reactions with your hands, but still! It’ll help.)

(Sarcastic Tone For This Whole Paragraph) Finally, Geometry Dash teaches you Geometry. My first and best, most amazing reason is that Geometry Dash has the word Geometry Dash in it. It teaches you about squares, triangles, and how to jump a perfect parabola over spikes. Also, it can teach you science. There’s a hidden swing copter game mode which teaches you that for every reaction, there’s an opposite reaction. Also, one of the most important things it teaches you is a message: “NEVER GIVE UP!” This is taught both through the level “Reanimation” and playing Geometry Dash levels in general. I’m sorry, but Geometry Dash is the most educational game anyone can ever play. It’s even more educational than Minecraft and Pac Man!!! Anyways, to conclude this essay, I just want to say that you should definitely play Geometry Dash. It might not be the most educational game ever, but it certainly can teach you the fundamentals of coding and improve your reflexes dramatically. It’s also a really fun game, and you should definitely try playing it. Perhaps one day you’ll be even more addicted to the game than I am! 😀