William eating ice cream

William eating ice cream

By: Sage Wang






“Sage, watch William while we go buy some food.” my parents tell me.

“But I’m only eight!” I protested. “And he’s already one!”

“You’re older!” they persisted. “Now GO!” I sighed. “I guess I’ll do it.” I thought to myself.” Suddenly William jumped and ran towards the ice cream machine once he saw it. Then he ran out of sight. I ran to look for him. Unfortunately, William was a pretty decent hider.

“Okay.” I thought to myself. “First step, call 911.” Suddenly when I was just about to run to the front counter, I heard a PLOP, the sound of ice cream spilling. “WILLIAM!” I screamed. “Don’t eat ice cream without paying for it!” But, he ate a whole cup of it. I grabbed him before he could cause any more harm. Then when I was sure things couldn’t get any worse, my parents came back and asked me, “What happened? We told you to watch William…”

I confessed the whole thing. They sighed and took us home. “Well,” I thought to myself, “I am lucky I didn’t lose William forever. He’s a great brother!”



Rich Wang