An evil sofa from "The Magician's Secret (that has very good hearing).

By: Rich Wang











  “Die, you dumb chair!” Jeffery shouted. “Yeah! Take this!” Chester shouted. “Eat a laser beam!” BOOM! The chair exploded, and a mechanical beep sounded. Level 49 complete! It was the year 2028, and “real-life video games” had been invented. This meant that if you put on a special set of goggles, you could run around your house shooting down things like exploding TNT, zombies, and magic household items that wanted to eat you. Of, course, you didn’t ACTUALLY destroy them, you just destroyed them in the video game. Jeffery and Chester had been playing: “The Magician’s Secret” for about 5 hours this morning, and they were on Level 50, the last level, when suddenly, their mom shouted:

  “Time for dinner kids!” ”But mom,” they complained. “No exceptions, besides Rebecca who’s upstairs doing her homework!” Jeffery and Chester rolled their eyes. They knew Rebecca was upstairs playing “Sneak Snake, but they didn’t tell their mom. Rebecca had made them promise that they wouldn’t tell her. After Lunch, the boys had to go to debate, painting, French, and programming classes at their weekend school. They complained to their moms that they should be able to play more video games, but she told them to go to bed. After all, it was 9:30 pm. “Good night!” they said to their mother. “Man, I wish we could’ve played The Magician’s Secret longer,” Jeffery said. “I do too, I mean, we were on the last level! I guess we’ll beat it tomorrow. Chester said with a sigh. Then they fell asleep.

  “Psst, Chester, wake up!” Jeffery said. “I couldn’t sleep. Something’s inside the house making noises. Probably a rat.” Chester woke up, and they were on a hunt for the rat. As they walked into the living room, they saw something horrid. Just like in The Magician’s Secret, there were magic human eating household items EVERYWHERE. Except this wasn’t a dream, or their video games. This was real life. “I think we should tell Mom!” Chester hissed to Jeffery. However, Chester had forgotten that when furniture comes alive, they have very good hearing (he had read about it in The Magician’s Secret Wiki). “I have a good plan,” Jeffery said nervously. “What?!” Chester stammered. “RUN!!!!!!” Jeffery shouted. They ran around and around the house. Unfortunately, they were tiring. The furniture were not. Jeffery tried to throw a bucket at the chairs to buy time, but unfortunately, it simplify bounced off the chair. “Die pesky humans!” the chair shouted. Quick! “Back into our room!” Chester panted. “Why?” Jeffery huffed “Because I have an idea!” Chester said, gasping. They sprinted into to the room and quick as a cheetah, he had locked the door. “Hey Jeffery, haven’t you realized that this is like The Magician’s Secret level 25?” Chester asked. “Of course!” Jeffery said. Well get the goggles that allow us to play The Magician’s Secret!” Chester exclaimed. “What are you- ohhhh!” Jeffery said. Jeffery found the goggles, and they both put them on. They turned on The Magicians Secret and clicked: “Fun Mode”. This was a mode that they could just shoot randomly around the house with their virtual weapons. However, this time they were going to actually be shooting something. “Are you sure that this is going to work?” Jeffery asked. “No, but get ready to fire in 3, 2, 1, 0!” Chester shouted as he opened the door. They both started blasting their furniture. “Wow! This actually works! Chester said. “I know!” Jeffery said as he made a sofa disintegrate. “Phew! We destroyed all the minions! But you know what’s next don’t you Jeffery?” “Jeffery nodded and said: “The boss. The Magician. Except this time, if we lose, I think we die.”

  “Why hello there little children!” A voice suddenly said. Jeffery and Chester whirled around and saw The Magician. Luckily for them, this was only level 25 and not level 50, so the magician wasn’t going full power. “I suppose your ready to be destroyed!” The Magician shouted as he charged. He charged at Jeffery first. Jeffery knew what tricks The Magician was going to use, since he and Chester had already beat this level before, so he pretended to attempt to shoot The Magician with his laser, but at the last moment, whirled around and blasted the magician, who had teleported behind him and tried to trick him. Enough games! The Magician shouted (Who only had half his health left since Jeffery had upgraded his gun to be very strong.) die! He shot a bolt of lighting at Chester, who easily dodged it and shot The Magician with his rail gun. The Magician had 1 HP left. Unfortunately, Jeffery and Chester’s weapons both took a while to reload, so they had to avoid fire, lightning, and rocks at them. Finally, Jeffery’s laser reloaded, and with a carefully aimed shot, destroyed the magician. “Wait. What just happened wasn’t real,” Chester said. “ Can’t be. No way.” Jeffery firmly. “But… it just happened!” Chester exclaimed. “Anyways, what time is it?” BEEP BEEP BEEP went their alarm clock. “I guess it’s 7:00 am!” said Jeffery.

  Suddenly, their mom walked in. “I woke up to hear a cracking noise,” their Mom said. “And- WHY DID YOU DESTROY ALL THE FURNITURE? HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ALL NIGHT???????” “Err, you see mom we were being-“ Chester tried to say, but he was cut off by his mom screaming: “OH MY GOSH I’M GOING TO KILL YOU BOS DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THIS IS GOING TO COST TO FIX?” “Err, 5,000 dollars?” Jeffery asked. “YOU”RE WAY OFF IT’S 5,000 DOLLARS AND 1 CENT AND I’m GOING TO- sorry, I lost my temper. Let’s eat breakfast. Luckily, their mom was very lenient and didn’t kill the boys. After school (it was a Monday) Chester told Jeffery: “Man, that was scary and cool at the same time!” “I know!” Jeffery exclaimed. “I wonder, how did that happen?” Chester grinned and said: “We’ll find out eventually. Oh, we’ll find out eventually….”


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Rich Wang