Hooray for Mars



By: Sage Wang



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“MOM?” I asked. “Where’s my oxygen tank?

“Here, honey!” she said. “I’ve got everything we need!” You’re probably wondering why we need an oxygen tank. Well, the reason is we’re going to Mars.

“In the spaceship we go!” yelled my dad. “Come on!” We all climbed into the spaceship that my parents had built. ZOOOOOOMMM!

3 Years Later

“We’re here!” yelled my mother. “Everyone get your gear on!” My family and I put our space gear on. “Let’s go!” she then cried, swinging the door open. We all climbed out of the spacecraft and happily bounced around the planet. My brother Rich planted a sign in the ground that said: RICH, SAGE, MOM, AND DAD WERE HERE. Personally, I liked that sign. I hoped that soon we would be famous for being the first people to be on Mars.

“Lunch time!” I yelled. Everyone grabbed food from our portable refrigerator. I picked a ham and cheese sandwich, a slice of pizza, and water.

After we all ate, I nearly fell of the planet when my brother saved me. He grabbed my hand and told me, “Don’t fall off the planet, cloud-brain.”

I smiled and told him, “You too, butt-face.” Rich looked offended, but he just trotted off to play around in another area. Soon my mom said, “It’s time to go back home!” SO we all climbed back into the ship, and it took off.

Another 3 Years Later

When we finally reached home, everyone agreed we had a great time. WE all out our hands together and yelled, “HOORAY FOR MARS!!!”








Rich Wang