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How To Have Fun During Your Classes And While Doing Homework (HTHFDYCAWDH) #2

Some Explosive Action!

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  So, in the last story of this, we talked about some parts of how to do your homework while having fun. However, you might have gone: “MOMMY! THIS IS A DISASTER! THE GUY WRITING THIS STORY SAID THAT HE WOULD TEACH ME HOW TO HAVE FUN WHILE DOING MY HOMEWORK AND WHILE IN CLASS, BUT HE ONLY DID HOW TO HAVE FUN WHILE DOING HOMEWORK!!!! THIS IS A DISASTER!!!! I’M CALLING 911!” After that, you probably got in huge trouble with your mom, and then got in trouble with the police. Sorry if this happened to you. Anyways, I’m going to be talking about more stuff J

  If you’re bored out of your mind in chemistry class, this is what you do. While your teacher is talking, interrupt him by going, “TEACHER I HAVE A DEMONSTRATION TO SHOW CAN I PLEASE SHOW IT!” Your chemistry teacher will probably say no, but do this even if your teacher says yes, Step one: Stand up from your seat. Step two: Take out some plutonium you found in a science lab (do not say you had to knock out about 50 scientists to get it). Step three: get your portable Microwave 2000 (heats up to 2000 degrees Celsius!). Step four: put the plutonium in the Microwave 2000. Step five: set the microwave timer to 2000 degrees Celsius, for 10 seconds. Step six: run out the school doors laughing, “TROLLOLLOLOL.” Step seven: play the illuminati song on your phone. P.S. As your run out of the school, you might hear a loud explosion behind you. Ignore it. And that’s how you make chemistry class a lot more interesting!

  If you’re bored out of your mind in math class, show your teacher this trick. (Write it down on the blackboard/whiteboard or something.) 1=1. 1=(5-4)^2. (3-4)^2 = (5-4)^2. √(3-4)^2 = √(5-4)^2. 3-4 = 5-4. -1 = 1????? Watch your teacher’s jaw drop! (Might not actually drop, and might not be astonished by your trick.)

  Now, Social Studies class, this is what you do. Quickly, make up a rap about a topic, say, Christopher Columbus. Be sure to make it a horrible rap that doesn’t rhyme. Then, in the middle of class, sing it out loud. You might get detention for it, but you’ll have your handy excuse, “It was about History!” P.S. This excuse may not work, so prepare to spend the rest of the day in study hall or in ISS.

  I hoped you liked part to of this series. Contact us about what you think about thewritingmachinecompany.com so far, and please read more of our stories. Also, remember to rate these stories too! Peace out, and prepare to have more of this series coming soon! Also, please do not take these series of stories seriously. They are a joke.

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Rich Wang