How To Win An Argument

By: Sage Wang

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Two people having a debate. Two people having a debate. Winning an argument can be very difficult, depending on the person you argue against. But there are many tricks and tips I can offer to help the chances of winning and argument increase. Before I begin, however, I would like to throw out this disclaimer that the best solution is always peace. It is better for you to avoid an argument in the first place than to have to fight with someone. Always try to avoid confrontations when possible.

My first tip is very basic, yet many people still don’t follow the simple trick to be logical and understanding. If you make wild claims about your beliefs and don’t expand on them or logically explain them, chances are your ideas and arguments will seem flawed and contradictory. Always make sure to explain every point you make and reinforce your statements with factual evidence or personal experiences. For example, if you are arguing that you want to go to a summer camp, if you make the claim that you will have to make new friends which will help your people skills, reinforce the claim by pointing out that learning to talk to others and understand friends is an important public speaking skill that is necessary to have.

Secondly, stay calm. If you are visibly showing anger and frustration, you are more likely to have flawed logic and show weakness to your opponent. And don’t forget about body language, either. Even if you seem calm by your speech, angry gestures and expressions can still make it crystal clear that you are upset, which again, leads to mistakes on your claims. By having a neutral expression and calm body language, you can more easily get points across to your opponent and prove your side of the round. Finally, make sure to be a good sport. If you win or lose the argument, don’t show strong emotion. By being a sore winner, for instance, you may be less likely to convince that person of something again because of the arrogant and immature way you act now. The same thing goes for being a sore loser. If you act upset and flustered if you lose, chances are that person will also be less likely to want to argue with you and give you a chance to make your points, because of the past experiences. By being a good person no matter the outcome, you are more likely to be able to deal with future arguments and avoid fights altogether!

To conclude, these are my thoughts on how to win arguments. In summary, make sure to be logical and reinforce your points, stay calm and have peaceful body language, and always be a good sport, no matter the results. These key points will help you on your way to being a skilled debater and having amazing talent in public speaking and people skills as well, so I hope this helps you! Remember that no matter how simple any of these tips may seem, that can help a lot in the long run.