ID camp

ID camp's "icon" By: Rich Wang

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  The best summer camp I ever went to was at a place called ID camp. There, I programmed a game. However, the best part wasn’t the programming, it was… THE VIDEO GAMES AND THE FOOD!

  My group and I got to play video games one hour each day, and on the last day of camp, we had the entire day to play video games besides recess and lunch! Oh, how I love playing Minecraft and Armegetron!

  Do you want to know about our lunch? Well, we went to a nearby café, and we got to eat Buy Diazepam Edinburgh ANYTHING in the entire café, as many times as we wanted! Also, there was a TV we could watch while we ate.

  It was one of the best summer camps I attended last year, and I’ve been waiting a year for “ID camp time” to come around again. Well, now that summer’s finally come, adios amigos! I’m off to ID camp!

Rich Wang