If I Were in Charge of The World (a poem)

Me in charge of the world!

Me in charge of the world!

By: Sage Wang




If I were in charge of the world, I’d cancel bitter greens, people smoking, and having to go to the restroom.

There would be no major grades in school, video games for free at stores, and more writing projects at school.

You wouldn’t have to take attendance if you were a teacher (which I want to be one), and you wouldn’t have to eat veggies each day. You wouldn’t have, “STOP TALKING, SAGE!”

All summer vacation would be extended an extra month. All plastic that couldn’t be reused would be turned into fancy diamond.

There would never be any bullies in the world, and people would get free money out of nowhere.

You would be allowed to get free ice cream every day, and free chips too! People would have magic wands, and the day would be five extra hours!

When people were born, they would already know all the complicated multiplication and division in the world!

And people would have special earphones that allowed people to understand and communicate with animals.

And a person who sometimes talks too much in class, and doesn’t eat all their veggies, would still be allowed to be in charge of the world.



Rich Wang