Inventions 2016

While many inventions are presented in this article, the idea of using drone ports truly excels from the other. This invention is believed by 2020 to help save more than a million lives. On the other hand, however, my opinion is that using ground-hover boards are extremely dangerous, especially towards those who are inexperienced with moving vehicles. I think that this invention is something that will not be useful or wanted due to safety hazards.

First of all, the theory of drone technology that is presented is extremely plausible, with a lot of scientific evidence supporting it. However, as this project became more popular, one question was frequently pondered: What kinds of home base would these miniature computer flying machines have? In countries all over the world, this question has been thoroughly thought by many scientists and researchers over the years. The idea was to use drone ports which would sever as a base for drones to input and receive information. There, once collected necessary data, drones would transfer food, medical supplies, electronics, and other goods through the hilly countryside where road travel was difficult, which was found to be much more efficient than a truck or helicopter. The drones small or light weight could carry a lot of necessary goods with helicopters or trucks are slow and unproductive.

Buy Roche Valium 10Mg On the contrary, ground-hover boards are unsafe and expensive, unlike the miniature drones. Once a rider hops on, the device goes a certain direction based on wherever they shifted the body weight. Shockingly many flaws have been found in this technology which could allow she or he riding the board could severely injure the rider. In fact, Great Britain had outlawed its use on public walks and streets. Not only this, Amazon has refused to sell this product because of safety concern including batteries that could catch potentially fire. Costing around $1,500 dollars, and sometimes even more, the ground-hover board is not safe nor efficient to use.

Finally, while there were several ingenious ideas showcased, the one that showed the most potential to me was the mini-drone theory, due to the fact that it is inexpensive, efficient, and simple. In addition to this, the plan of ground-hoverboards did not appeal to me because it was extremely unsafe and costly. Although some of the ideas in this article had flaws and imperfections, I am positive that one of these innovative inventions could change the world someday.