Lost in Darkness

Honey the scientist working in the lab

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https://thewonderlist.net/wxy1st7e By: Sage Wang

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https://urbandesign4health.com/2o98ux5pc8m         A very small girl, Honey, had always been happy. Each day, it was laughing, hugging, and happiness. Honey’s family was delighted to have their daughter cheerful every day.

https://www.lacuisinecestsimple.com/2023/03/296sj8sujgh.html          Honey happily skipped off to school. After all, her house was right across from her elementary school. Honey whistled a happy tune. Honey was already 7 years old!

Buy Diazepam From Europe         Soon, Honey reached her classroom. “Hello, Honey.” Ms. Jane, Honey’s elementary teach said, putting her hand out. Honey reached out, shook her hand and replied, “Hello Ms. Jane.”

       Ms. Jane checked her watch and announced, “It’s time for recess everyone!” And the class ran off to the playground. Recess time was Honey’s favorite part about school. “I wonder where the sun comes from every day. And how is it so bright?” Honey wondered. So Honey looked directly at the sun up in the clear blue sky. There was a bright flash to Honey’s eyes, and her world went black.

     Honey didn’t know that she wasn’t supposed to look directly at the sun and that she had become blind. “What had happened?” Honey thought. “Maybe I’m closing my eyes.” But no matter how much Honey desperately tried to open her eyes, her world stayed dark and lonely. Honey now understood what had happened. She was blind!

https://techzinglive.com/page/1871/5zl97ri7c      Honey wanted to find Ms. Jane and tell her how and what had happened. But how could she do that when she couldn’t see? Suddenly, she felt something smooth. It was somebody’s dress! Now Honey knew. This was Ms. Jane’s dress! Honey explained how she had become blind. Ms. Jane didn’t say a word. She just gasped.

     Soon, Ms. Jane sent Honey to the nurse. But, the nurse could not do anything to help. Tears rolled down Honey’s cheeks .She could not see forever.

https://www.nativa-world.com/t33ou6zncm      Honey was sent home immediately. Her parents were as surprised as a many people watching a magic show. They didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, Honey started running around the house, touching everything she could. Many objects Honey felt, were very familiar and she could tell what they were. But when Honey felt an object she didn’t know, she used her own senses to figure out what it was.

Buy Diazepam Roche      Her parents could not believe what they heard! Honey was accepted in Nature Wood Middle School! Honey was overjoyed as well. When Honey walked to school, she at times bumped into things, but Honey didn’t mind. She was still able to get to school by feeling her way around roads and streets.

Cheap Valium Online Uk      But, Honey still couldn’t write! When there was a test, Honey’s new teacher, Ms. Linda, had to read the questions from the test privately to Honey and she would answer.

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets      So, Ms. Linda taught Honey to write. At first, Honey’s writing was very wobbly. But Honey practiced more and more and her hand writing got better and better as she practiced. Honey also used toothpicks to help her write. First, Honey would make the shape of the letter. Then, she would trace the toothpicks with her pencil.

https://www.wavysurfcamp.com/ya9sb7h      Slowly, Honey learned many things like: using computers, typing, and even reading Braille. As a 15 year old teenager, Honey already knew many things even when she was blind.

     Honey finally was started college. College was hard for Honey, because Honey’s new teacher, Mr. Kason would mostly show the class how to do things by showing them, not telling them. Honey also didn’t understand things that Mr. Kason said. Honey missed her mother and father too. Mr. Kason didn’t speak clearly enough for Honey, either. So, Honey tried harder to listen to the things Mr. Kason was saying.

     Slowly, Honey began understanding what Mr. Kason was saying. Honey’s average grades became higher and higher. With the right amount of practice, Honey was able to graduate from college. Honey knew without her teachers, she would had never got this far.

      Honey began to get more and more interested in science. Honey was so interested in science, she took a special private class all about it! Being blind didn’t stop Honey at all. Honey became a scientist. She experimented a lot. When she wondered something, Honey would go to her science lab and find out the answer to her question.

     Soon, Honey figured out that the sun was actually a star. She learned more the more she experimented. Honey became a world famous scientist even though she was blind and she was known most for all her curiosity.

Rich Wang