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     Magicboy walked into a mysterious cave. A T-Rex walked past him. “How are you alive?” Magicboy asked the T-Rex. “I thought dinosaurs were extinct!”

     â€œI AM NOT EXTINCT!!!” a high squeaky pitched voice yelled out from the T-Rex. Magicboy slowly tore off the dinosaur’s head. It had just been a costume. A witch hopped out from the dinosaur costume and yelled in that same high squeaky pitched voice, “Can I marry you??” Falling in love with he witch, Magicboy answered,

     â€œOf course, my dear!” Then they invited twenty octopuses to their wedding. They were enjoying the cake until Batman ran over.

     â€œI AM BATMAN! I CONTROL THE BATS!! MARRY ME MAGICBOY OR YOU SHALL DIE!!” he screamed ferociously.

     â€œB-But boys, I- I mean men c-can’t marry men!” Magicboy stuttered.

     â€œNONSENSE!” Batman cried. “YOU WILL MARRY ME!” he yelled so loudly that the cave walls began to shake.

     "But I married him already!” said the oldest of the twenty octopuses.

     â€œI NEVER MARRIED YOU!” Magicboy yelled at the sea creature.

     â€œI married you!” said another octopus.

     â€œNo I did…NO I did…NO I DID…” everyone began screaming to Magicboy.

     â€œQuiet!” Magicboy shouted. “I’M MARRYING….” Everyone crossed their fingers, hoping to be picked. “NONE OF YOU!!” Magicboy finished.

     â€œBut I’m he prettiest...” the witch complained.

     â€œSHUT UP... I’M THE PRETTIEST!” Batman roared.

     â€œBOYS ARE PRETTY???” everyone except Batman chuckled.

     â€œI’m leaving.” Magicboy said to the crowd, walking away shaking his head. All the octopuses than charged at Magicboy.

     â€œI have to marry you!” they all cried. “Or else I will die!!” After Magicboy repeated the word no at them, they all fainted. “Why is everyone so obsessed with marrying me?” thought Magicboy, confused. “Maybe because…” Just then, Magicboy noticed a sign on him that read: MARRY ME. He pulled at the sign, attempting to break off the idiotic note. It wouldn’t budge. Magicboy realized it was stuck with superglue, so he called 911.

     â€œFire department!” he cried. “Help me get this stupid sign off my chest! It says: MARRY ME. HELP!”

     â€œCan I marry you than, Magicboy?” the firefighter’s voice asked through the telephone.

     â€œOh SHUT UP!” Magicboy groaned. “Why can’t you?”

     â€œOkay, I’ll shut up, and not help you! LOL, NOOB!” And he hung up. Magicboy sighed as he put away his phone. He walked into the same cave that he had been in earlier. The witch and Batman had been waiting for him earlier.

     â€œFinally, Magicboy, we can marry at last!” the witch told Magicboy.

     â€œWhat are you talking about…. I’M MARRYING HIM!!” Batman yelled.

     â€œNO I AM…NO I AM…. NO I AM….” they argued, punching, kicking, and growling at each other.

     â€œHere we go again.” Magicboy thought.


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