Me for President

NEVER, EVER gonna happen!! By: Rich Wang

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  Me? For President? No way! Being a president requires many skills, most of which I don’t have. There are many reasons that I can’t be president. It’s just that – I can’t be president!

  A president needs discipline, lots of it! Me? I have about as much discipline as a man who has an interview at 6:00 am and wakes up at 6:00 ---- pm! Another thing presidents have to be is trustworthy. Want to know what happened to me once? I said: ”All I’m going to do is return this scooter to Ray. No playing, no monkey business, nothing!: Turned out, I ended up playing with Ray for 2 hours. See, I can’t be president!

  If I’m president, I won’t be able to play video games anymore. I can’t live without video games! I’ll become a corpse, or become an undead zombie! Also, I LOVE playing chess. If I can’t play chess whenever I want to as president, then I won’t be a president.

  Now that you see why I can’t be president, what about you? Do you have discipline and are you trustworthy? Can you survive without things you like to do every day, like video games or chess? Well, whatever you say, if you ask me to be president, SCRAM!!!!!!!

Rich Wang