Allen and Sage holding hands

https://techzinglive.com/page/1871/w8tpbas Allen and Sage holding hands

https://www.starcouriernews.com/2023/03/kx8296ow20r By: Sage Wang and my friend Allen Wu

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      Allen here! I love to say, “No offense, but you’re ugly! Hahaha!!”

      “And you ugly aliens, hands up or I’ll shoot!” Sage shouted with an evil grin. “MUHAHAHA!!” Then Sage worriedly turned to Allen. “ALLEN!” she cried in alarm, “I DIDN’T BRING A GUN! HURRY AND GIVE ME ONE OR THE ALIENS WILL ESCAPE!”

      “So what?” snorted Allen, as he walked back to their spaceship. Angrily, Sage throws a stink bomb at Allen. “How dare you!” Allen yells, throwing an H-bomb (hydrogen bomb) at Sage. The bomb explodes, but surprisingly Sage and Allen go to heaven! “Here we go again!” cries Allen as a monster emerges. Suddenly, the world reappears. Sage and Allen wake up from their horrible nightmare. They were sleeping next to each other. But their lips were touching!

      “AHHH!!” they both scream. Their parents come in and turn on the light.

      “ARE YOU TWO HAVING A WEDDING??” their parents cry out loudly, freaked out.

      “NO!!” Sage and Allen shout at the same time. Sage and Allen immediately rush and brush their teeth and they go to school naked, forgetting to put on clothes!!

      “Whoops-se-doops-se!” cried Allen. And they ran into the bathroom trying to hide, and they fall right into the toilet and somehow got flushed right into the ocean!!

      “Tallyooo!!” they both shouted at the top of their lungs. They were able to swim out, but immediately sunk every time they were able to get to the surface. They plunged into the ocean, and a great white shark appeared and saw them! But then, Allen and Sage each did five punches and kicks and the shark then died!

     Sage quickly drank a water breathing potion, but didn’t give any to Allen and stuck her tongue out. “NANA-NANA-BOO-BOO!” she shouted at Allen. She threw the water-breathing potion into the ocean. But, Allen put on full scuba gear!

      “Fbbbtt!!” said Allen. Suddenly, Allen’s scuba gear broke, Sage’s water breathing potion ran out of time, and they began to drown!

      “ACK, ACK, ACK!” Sage and Allen choked wildly. Then, a jellyfish stung them, they both fainted, and they began to dream again….




Rich Wang