Our Mistakes

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https://www.nativa-world.com/q46c30as5 Jealous. Too jealous. That’s what everyone is about me. AND THEY ARE JEALOUS JUST BECAUSE I’M THE TEACHER’S PET! I CAN SEE YOU LAUGHING!! STOP OR I’LL KICK YOUR BUTT-

https://www.starcouriernews.com/2023/03/boe0xx91nz “JULINA! WHY ARE YOU OUT IN THE HALL? WE’VE BEEN WATING FOR YOU, YOU LATE GIRL!” the teacher screams, stamping into the hallway with me. And now everyone is calling me-

“LATE GIRL!” shouts Charlie like a cuckoo chicken. “YA LATE AGAIN!!” Yeah, thanks for speaking for me Charlie! I don’t think I am the teacher’s pet anymore, oops!

Cheap Msj Diazepam “HEY BUTTHEAD!” Lulu yells. “Are you going to play dolls with me, yes?” That annoying freak. He knows I hate dolls.

https://techzinglive.com/page/1871/2dis2yegh “WOULD YOU EVER SHUT UP??” I quipped. “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU CAN BE QUIET FOR ONE MEANSLY MINUTE!!”

“COULD TOO!” he yells at me angrily.




“That’s it, you two chatterboxes!” Ms. Luna yells.

“Oooo! They’re chatterboxes!!!” the class yells. We sit down in our seats, finally. I’m pretty sure Lulu wants to yell, “SHUT UP, IDIOTS!!” I’ll admit, I actually do want to yell that! Really, there are only a few students in Ms. Luna’s private class. Lulu, Charlie, Jasmine, and me. Jasmine is not really my friend, but she likes to talk to me a lot. So anyways…

“Class, today we are going to be doing a science experiment.” Ms. Luna announces. “First take the vinegar I am passing out and put some in the plastic cup.” I finish quite earlier than Ms. Luna expects. Well, did she think that it would take a hour to pour some liquid into a cup?

“Next,” she instructs, “Pour the baking soda into the cup and wait for magic!” she squeals happily. I don’t get why she’s so happy. There will not be any magic! All we’re doing is putting some baking soda in this yucky vinegar. I put the baking soda in the vinegar, and BOOOMMM!!!

“We’re all going to die!” Jasmine yells as my cup almost explodes. (Well, it doesn’t really, but….) I didn’t think we were going to die, or Ms. Luna was a evil teacher. It was one of the two. BOOM!! Then Charlie’s solution blew. BOOM! BOOM! Then Jasmine and Lulu followed right behind us. Even though that was cool science, I still don’t get the magic part.

“Wasn’t that magic, class?” Ms. Luna asks with a great smile. I look at Charlie. Charlie looks at Lulu. Lulu looks at Jasmine. And Jasmine is looking at me. I can tell we’re all thinking the same thing; that wasn’t magic! Ms. Luna starts tapping her foot impatiently, waiting for one of us to answer. Finally I responded. “It was so magical!” I cried, faking a huge smile. Everyone looked at me. Mental note people: I WAS PRETENDING! Ms. Luna looks at me angrily. Could she tell that I was lying…probably? When I lie, my eyes twitch.

Ms. Luna moves on anyways. I can see her rolling her eyes slightly at me. “Time for lunch!” We all line up. The whole time I stay quiet, I don’t want to be called a chatterbox again! Well, I stay quiet until I see the principle of the school eating donuts. I shut my mouth, tempted to scream out. No one seems to notice! THEN THE TEMPTATION IS TOO MUCH! “THE PRINCIPLE IS EATING DONUTS!!” I yell. Everyone looks at me. Then I take a look at the principle, wait! THAT’S NOT THE PRINCIPLE! THAT’S THE PERSON WHO HAD TO CLEAN ALL HE POOP OFF THE TOILETS! Ms. Luna is looking at me.

“Julina! DON’T BE SILLY, FOR THE SECOND TIME!!” the teacher yells. I sigh and finally walk on. Soon, we arrive at the cafeteria. There’s no one that’s my real friend to sit with, so I always sit with Jasmine. Did I mention that Jasmine loves to chat?

“Today after school, I’m going to the park to swing on the monkey bars!” she chatters. “Are you coming? Well, I hope you can yak yak yak yak….” As I said, she is a complete chatterbox. When lunch and Jasmine’s talking both finally end, I’m ready for recess for sure. I can see Lulu arguing with Charlie about who should be it for tag. I would just say, just don’t play tag. But then they would tell on me. And we head out the door for recess. I see Lulu chasing Charlie for tag. Suddenly, Lulu falls down and shouts, “OWWWW!!” Everyone looks at him. Ms. Luna sends him to the nurse. She says he has a broken leg. He won’t be back until a month; it must be a horrible injury! After school finally ends, my mother and father both ask me, “How was school today, honey?” After remembering Lulu and my mistakes, I jut reply, “Oh, it was just interesting.”

The next day, Ms. Luna does the attendance. “Charlie?” she says.

“Here!” he shouts.

“Julina?” Ms. Luna asks.

“Here!” I say.

“Jasmine?” Ms. Luna calls out.

“Here, my dear lady!” she cries. Well, I guess Lulu got cut off the attendance sheet since he has a broken leg and won’t be back until a month.

“YOU DARE CALL ME A LADY??” Ms. Luna yells at Jasmine.

“Well, dear old lady then.” Jasmine shouts.

“I AM NOT OLD!” Ms. Luna yells. “YOU ARE SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL!!” So, Jasmine walks out of the classroom and out the school doors. Wow, Ms. Luna can be mean! We used to have four students; we’re down to two; Charlie and me. Today for science, we made slime and got to keep it! It was cool. Nice and oozy! And its now time for lunch! Charlie and I are forced to sit together, we hate being alone! Charlie then takes his banana peel and throws it at me. I throw it back. We keep throwing the banana peel until Ms. Luna sees Charlie.

“Charlie! NO THROWING FOOD AT OTHER STUDENTS! YOU ARE GOING TO THE PRINCIBLE’S OFFICE!!” Then Charlie walked off to the principle’s office sadly. Man, Ms. Luna is really mean.

This time after school, my mother asks me again, “How was school today?” I feel embarrassed to say I’m the only student left in Ms. Luna’s class. So I reply again, “Interesting…” I think my mom is really wondering what school is like to me.

The next day… Ms. Luna says it’s the perfect time for a private talk. She asks, “Julina, how do you think of me as a teacher?”

I reply, “I think you’re the meanest teacher in world history.” For a minute, Ms. Luna stays silent. Then her face starts turning red.

“YOU ARE SUSPENDED FROM CLASS, YOUNG LADY!!” Ms. Luna screams. Then, I’m the one to start home. I walk until I’ve reached home. I remember Ms. Luna has no more students. This time when my mother asks me, “How was school today?” I just say again, “Interesting.”



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