Rabbit Man (R4bb1t Moon)

https://houstonjunkcar.com/c5mimym A cross between Rabbitman's bunny form and human form.

https://techzinglive.com/page/1871/ma5bylg8 By: Rich Wang





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  Rabbitman was a superhero. He rescued a lot of people. The only problem was, he had very bad spelling. For one, whenever he signed autographs, he signed them R4bb1t Moon. He always made everyone cry because they thought his autograph was not legit. (Legit means real.) Also, people thought his superpowers were awesome, but what he did was kind of lame. He never chased criminals or stopped people from robbing banks. All he did was save cats from trees, help children eat their vegetables, and more weird stuff like that.

  One day, he said he was going to go to the top of Mount Everest. Everyone cheered for him but then they booed when they saw him inside a helicopter, flying up to Mount Everest. They started hating Rabbitman and banned him from all public sites. Rabbitman was very sad. He knew he had to do something very special to gain his reputation back.

  So, he decided to catch the criminal who burned everyone’s houses down. He kept track of the criminal’s movements for a month, to find out a pattern on where he attacked. With this info, he flew to London, where he was pretty sure the thief (named Tyro) was going to strike next. However, Rabbitman was a little short on the brain cells because Tyro attacked New York City instead of London.

  Rabbitman quickly took a plane to New York City to catch Tyro. Of course, by then, Tyro was long gone. (Did I mention he was a little short on the brain cells?)

  Rabbitman used his only superpower: to turn into a 3-foot rabbit and be able to leap 10 feet up into the air. He hopped towards what he thought was Tyro’s secret base. Of course, Rabbitman was very stupid and didn’t notice he was attacking the White House.

  Rabbitman tried to blow it up,but he failed and soon he realized his mistake. He screamed (which was an excellent way of letting authorities know where he was), and ran. Of course, the police caught him and threw him into Rabbit Jail. (He was still in rabbit form.)

  Rabbitman was stuck there, so he decided to publish a book, called: The Rise and Fall of Rabbitman. He thought it was pretty good and tried to publish it. It managed to get published, and thousands of people read it. Rabbitman was happy, because he thought people would feel sorry for him and release him from jail. However, as usual, he was a little short on the brain cells, and didn’t stop to think what if people hated the book. People did hate the book, which just made them hate Rabbitman even more. Rabbitman then had a great idea. He was going to try to bust out of prison. “Then everyone will think I’m really smart!” he decided.

  So, the next time a guard brought him food, he turned back into a human (he was still in rabbit form while in Rabbit Jail). He ran past the gawking guard and ran right to the rich Richard Rafi, who was a very Rich Man who happened to be checking out all the prisoners. Rabbitman thought, “If I rob him, people will be even more impressed!” So, he quickly grabbed Richards Wallet and kept on running. He quickly ran out the side door and onto the road. He turned back into a rabbit and hopped into the woods. Suddenly, he screamed. He saw……..




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Rich Wang