Ranger’s Apprentice Themes

   Loyalty and respect are two themes in this third book of the series.  Unsurprisingly, we see Halt and Horace remain loyal to Will, and making some serious sacrifices to search for him.  Their loyalty to Will is extremely strong. Next, Erak, who captured Will and Evanlyn actually turns out to be the reason they survive.  Erak’s concept of respect and what he risks to aid them forms, strangely, because of Evanlyn and Will themselves. Finally, both Halt and Erak are rather unpredictable and headstrong in their actions because of the two themes in this book- loyalty and respect.

   First of all, Halt and Horace both make terrible sacrifices just to save Will. Halt forced himself to say terrible things about his King in public, which he did to purposely get himself banished from the kingdom for a year. After this, he was automatically banished from the Ranger Corps, which had always been his main pride. He had to leave his life and past behind, just to save his young apprentice, Will. As for Horace, he also risked quite a lot. He left by choice, and before he had finished his training. This was dangerous, since already he was gaining reputation by defeating Morgarath, and if he left the kingdom many jealous or envious of him might attempt to kill him unprotected. He too, was risking his life to just help save Will.

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https://homanathome.com/2023/03/cxngjc2p    In addition, Erak was the one who actually captured Will and Evanlyn, thinking they would be useful for money. However, Erak starts to see how brave they both were, and starts to respect them. After they become slaves, Will is introduced to warmweed, which is a drug that causes complete addiction and dependence to the herb and causes the taker to lose memories. Erak felt horrible about how Will had been so brave, and now he was just this empty shell as an obedient slave. He remembered how Will had fought when burning the bridge, and how bravely he had tried to protect Evanlyn. Because of how much Erak respected Will and Evanlyn, he helped to save them, despite the risk of being caught and being put to death for disloyalty.

https://www.lacuisinecestsimple.com/2023/03/hy151atrmj.html    Lastly, Halt and Erak are both rather unpredictable. Halt’s actions are driven by loyalty, while Erak’s are driven by respect. Halt went to save Will because he was loyal to him, and after years of learning together and helping each other he was actually willing to get himself banished to save him. Erak, however, saved Will and Evanlyn because he respected them, even though there was a high risk of him being caught helping slaves. Although to others their actions are entirely random, they are headstrong in their actions because of the themes in this book.

https://www.virtual-assembly.org/wqiuhnxb    To conclude, this book has a lot about loyalty and respect. Although Halt, Horace, or Erak might appear dangerous, they are genuinely just following their hearts. They sacrificed so much to save their friends even though severe consequences would follow. If it weren’t for these traits, Will and Evanyln might still be trapped as slaves, working for horrible masters and eventually losing their own lives. Loyalty and respect truly did help to save them all, in the end.