Saving The World

Now, listen up. I don’t care how old you are, whether you’re 1 or18 or whatever. You’ve got to help me stop Calvin from destroying the world. He’s crazy if you ask me, because he doesn’t even know how to make a gun. Yeah, I’m still not sure how he’s going to destroy the world.

Calvin is “secretly” trying to build a rocket to destroy the world. He still hasn’t noticed that I’m watching him right now, so the rocket isn’t really very “secret”. Also, I forgot to mention that the rocket is made of paper. By the way, my name is Jacob, and I’m 15. The thing is, Calvin has finally figured out how to make his rocket really work somehow. 5….. 4….. 3….. 2….. 1…… KKAAABLOOOOSH!

Trees go flying everywhere, and my house is upside down. The explosion is so big, the sign that names our town brakes in half. So it now reads, “Rockyv-“ and the other half reads, “ille” when it is supposed to read, “Rockyville”. Also, all of our bushes get trampled in the wind, and wild animals are blown into the air. It was so crazy, I started to think that Calvin was going to destroy the world for real. So I decided to make some plans. Okay, plan A: Yell in Calvin’s face, “STOP THIS YOU JERK OR I’LL SHOOT YOU WITH MY GUN!” when I have no gun. (I’m hoping he’ll think I have one.) Here’s plan B: Call the police to throw him in jail. (Pray that he doesn’t escape by blowing the jail up.) And finally, plan C: Ignore Calvin. (I’m really not sure if that will help, but you never know!)

BRRRIING! Sorry, my mom is calling me. “Yes, Mom? WHAT? You’re on MARS-NO WAY! Wait a moment-CALVIN IS PLANNING TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM?!?!!? All right, bye Mom!” Oh boy. My mom just asked me to save the entire solar system. Wonderful, considering he’s not creating the invention the atom bomb. I figure that there’s only one way to stop him, a cage that is made of some really strong metal that can’t be blown up. But turns out, there isn’t really a metal that’s strong enough to last a rocket’s explosion. So I go with another option, to invent that metal myself. Turns out, I have no idea at all how to invent a metal. So I come up with another plan, to make a sticky trap so Calvin can’t move-or launch one of his rockets to get out of the trap. When I think “sticky”, my mind thinks of one thing-“bubblegum”! So I decide to get some bubblegum and trap him in it! This will definitely work!

Okay, we have a problem. First of all, I didn’t have much bubblegum, so Calvin easily escaped. Secondly, Calvin launched another one of his rockets and now the sign that names our street is now broken into thirds. So now the sign reads, “Roc”, the middle part reads “ky” and the last part reads “ville”. I’m starting to think that I’ll never catch Calvin. But hopefully, one day I’ll get that kid! You never know when someone will invent a “Calvin-proof-cage”! Maybe Calvin will give up trying to destroy the world. You never know!

Rich Wang