The summer sun!

The summer sun! By: Sage Wang


I LOVE summer. The camps, no school, vacation… But most of all, I love being able to spend time with my family. We would play cards, watch movies sometimes, and go on family hikes and vacations too!

When I played cards with my brother, it could get funny. For example, once I was five measly points from winning! “It’s not fair!” I would complain, but my brother would just laugh,

“I still won!” Then I would chuckle along with him. Usually after that I would challenge him to a rematch and exclaim, “I’ll win this time!”

And when our family hikes, my mother would find two long smooth sticks, and my brother and I would use them to walk as if we were real nature hikers! SNAP! My mother would then shoot a picture.

“Can I see, can I see?” we would jump up and shout wanting to see our picture. After that, my mom would show us our picture.

Vacation…. Oh, this is one of my favorites! My family and I would explore new places randomly. One summer, we went to China to see my grandpa and grandma. They were so happy to see us, and had bought us each a new pair of slippers!

My slippers were pink and fuzzy, and my brother’s were blue, but fuzzy too! Oooh, so comfortable shoes! In China, there was a carnival too, and we rode on a bumpy ride that shook and shook! I was having so much fun I didn’t want to leave!

I love spending time with my family during the summer!



Rich Wang