Summmer and the Four Foxes

By: Sage Wang       

Buy Valium 2Mg Online Uk       Summer was a small rabbit, and she actually hated summertime. She had four animals she feared about the most, one of the hillside’s most ferocious animals, foxes. The four fox’s names were: Barry, Fluff, Harry, and Dan. They were all brothers. It was warm enough in the summer for the foxes to hunt for rabbits, which explained the fact that Summer hated the summertime.

Buy Crescent Diazepam       This summer, Barry and his brothers were already thinking about hunting. The four foxes quickly sat in their warm and cozy den. “I have an idea to get these measly little rabbits!” Harry whispered, his paws rubbing with excitement. “We’ll dig a hole, and cover it with-“ “CHOCOALTE!” interrupted Barry. “They will all want it, and then they will fall into the hay! “NOT HAY, IDIOT!” shouted Dan. “THE HOE! HE SAID DIG A HOE!” he argued. “AND WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE WE GOTNG TO GET THAT MUCH CHOCOLATE?”

Buy Valium Tablets Uk       Now, with all that yelling and arguing, you could imagine that Summer had heard part of their “supposed to be private conversation”. “They want to dig a hoe?” thought Summer, confused. “To eat? I never heard that foxes eat hoes!”       Back in the fox’s den, the four foxes were still arguing and shouting. “SHUSH!” yelled Fluff. “HE SAID TO DIG A HOLE!” “YOU CRAZY FOXES!” Harry yelled frantically. “WHY CAN’T YOU LET ME FINISH MY SENTENCE?” Suddenly, right after Harry spoke, there was complete silence. “We should cover it with grass, so the rabbits don’t know there is a hole. Then, they will fall into it and we will eat all those little brats for dinner!” Harry said, his voice turning into a whisper. “That’s a great idea!” replied all Harry’s brothers.       The four foxes crept out of their den out onto the hillside. “HURRY UP, SLOWPOKES! DIG THE HOE!” yelled Dan, still clueless about what they were supposed to do. “Be quiet!” whispered Harry. “And we dig a hole!” Dirt flew everywhere, as the foxes tried to dig a deep hole. Then, the foxes quickly covered the hole with grass. When they had finished the job, Summer was hopping around in the hillside for her daily afternoon walk.

       Summer had not heard that the four foxes had dug a hole, and- CRASH! -she fell right into the trap. “OWWWWWW!” Summer cried in pain. When the foxes heard her, they scampered over to see what had happened just then. “A rabbit got caught in our trap!” said Harry. “Come on, guys!” Let’s come eat him for dinner!” “But look at the poor little rabbit!” said Dan sarcastically. All of the foxes laughed and laughed.

      Just when they had reached their den, the foxes were ready to eat Summer. Summer suddenly let out a high-pitched scream of fright. “EEEEEEKKKKKK!” Summer went. “AHHHH!” the foxes yelled, covering their ears with their paws. Summer saw her chance. She bounded away right before the foxes could grab her once more. Summer heaved a huge sigh of relief. She was safe from the foxes –for now that was. Summer knew the foxes wouldn’t give up so easily. She knew the foxes would try to catch her again and again.

      Back in the fox’s den, the foxes were arguing again. “WHY DIDN’T YOU GET THE RABBIT?” screamed Harry. “WE COULD HAVE EATEN THAT LITTLE BRAT, YOU KNOW!!” “BUT IT WAS SCREAMING SO LOUD! LET’S EAT THAT MEANSLY RABBIT TOMORROW IF WE CATCH IT!” replied Dan. And all the foxes agreed with that.

      Summer suddenly had a great idea. Since the foxes set a trap to catch her, she could just set one back in the same way. So, Summer snuck out of her hiding place at midnight, knowing this was the fox’s sleeping time. Summer dug a deep hole of her own, and covered it with grass, too.

      “CMON, GUYS! LET’S DIG ANOTHER HOLE TO CATCH THAT RABBIT NOW!” shouted Harry, tiptoeing out of the den. All the other foxes immediately followed after him. When Summer saw the foxes, she quickly hid behind a tree, so the foxes wouldn’t see her. But just as the foxes started to find a good spot to dig, -CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! – all four of the foxes fell right into the hole that Summer had dug earlier during the night. When Summer saw that the foxes had fallen into the trap she had set, she couldn’t help but laugh. Soon, when she had stopped laughing at the foxes, she sighed and said, “Listen, all of you. You need to have better teamwork than that to be able to catch other animals like me. How about we become buddies, so that I can teach you crazy foxes some things about teamwork?”

      “That’s actually a great idea, but I’m still going to think about eating you.” Harry claimed, laughing at her suggestion. And all the other foxes couldn’t agree better. So from that day on, Summer and the four foxes were best buddies and opponents forever, no matter what day or time it was.


Rich Wang