Survival Space Course

Cheap Valium Online India By: Sage Wang

“I’m the greatest.” Anna was tired of hearing those words. Over and over Shamma would boast about herself. “Oh why did I choose to spend spring break with her?” Anna thought.

“Hey, Anna! I’m better than you at reading! I read a book in five minutes!” Shamma assumed.

“Of course it was a short book!” replied Anna, grunting.

“Busted.” thought Shamma. Well, Anna had heard enough of this bragging. She knew there was only one thing to do. A contest would settle this dilemma. But what kind? Surely Anna wouldn’t do something that could result in death. Now she knew. An obstacle course with buttons, levers, and sensors, which could block the opponent for two to three minutes. But this race was going to be very hazardous, and this was not going to be any ordinary obstacle course. This course was going to be in space.

Once Shamma had heard about the contest, she smiled. “I will beat you, for sure!” she laughed, texting on her phone. Anna already had a strategy. She would move to the buttons, levers, and sensors and block Shamma over and over. Then she would race to the finish line, but she would have to be carful because if she fell of the course, she would die. But Anna could imagine it…Shamma, would take a step forward, and she would be blocked for a little while. After that wall went down, she would take another step and be blocked again! Then, she would…-

“Hey, Anna! I can play the piano better than you!” Shamma shouted, interrupting Anna’s daydream. Okay. So the contest hadn’t made Shamma shut up quite yet, but Anna was sure once Shamma had lost the competition, she would be speechless.

A week passed, and it was time for the competition. Shamma and Anna looked at the enormous rocket ship they were going to take. Man, it was huge. Then they climbed inside and then…

“OMG!! OMG!! We’re starting the countdown!!” Shamma cried, vibrating with excitement.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 BLASTOFF!!” Anna yelled. The rocket burst up with power. It trembled as the ground disappeared. The rocket ship soared over the snowy bulging clouds as the stars flickered in the sky. With a great eruption of energy, the rocket surged up into space. The dimness was slowly enveloping them, the sky combined in with the shadowy haze. Anna couldn’t believe the view from up high, after all she or Shamma had never been in space. After a final surge of energy, the stone obstacle course came into sight. The walls of the obstacle course were going altered directions, making the race seem complex and problematic. But as Anna was concerned, Shamma seemed as if this obstacle course was on the ground. A single slip and fall from the obstacle course could consequence in death.

“This is going to take some determination. “ Anna thought as she slipped on her space gear.

“SQEEE!! The entrance to the spacecraft swung open. Anna fearfully stepped onto the course, hoping her plan would accomplish successfully. As the race begun, over and over Anna pressed buttons to attempt to block Shamma. But Shamma perhaps knew this was coming, and she easily soared over the delaying walls. Anna gritted her teeth. Her plan had failed. Shamma took a quick glimpse at Anna, and stuck her tongue out. This made Anna even more discouraged. Anna then had an idea. She slipped onto the grounds of the course, and held on. One wrong move, and Anna would fall to her doom. Anna felt her gloves slipping. She knew that Shamma would have to get through obstacles, while she didn’t. Suddenly, her gloves collapsed. Anna quickly countered. She latched onto the celling with her moonboots, and slowly pulled herself back up. Anna exhaled with relief. Anna saw Shamma next to her at the finish line. Anna pulled herself up on the upper part of the obstacle course, which seemed to be the identical time that Shamma raced through the inner line. Anna’s stopwatch read: 15 minutes, 28 seconds. Shamma’s stopwatch read: 15 minutes, 29 seconds. Anna had beat Shamma by a second! Shamma was turning enflamed. She looked as if she was about to shatter. Sweat was dribbling down her face.

“AGH!! I LOST BY A SECOND!!” she yelled suddenly, violently with anger. As they both walked back to the skyrocket, Shamma was stamping. And when they reached home, well let’s just say that Shamma was dreadful in her room, crying like a baby. Anna couldn’t help but giggle.

“It will be a while, “ she thought, “ Until Shamma starts bragging again.” she chuckled. Shamma’s crying could still be heard in the distance, and from that day, Shamma was always thunderstruck. One day…she would probably come get revenge, for guaranteed.



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