Swimming Sensation

https://www.urbanearthworm.org/2023/03/21/jkgbnn61 My heart was racing approximately a million times a second as I dove into the swimming lane, icy water blinding me and the shouts and cheers of the crowd chiming in my ears. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I stretched for the finish, armstroke after armstroke. As my hand collided with the sensor on the opposite wall, I glanced up at the scoreboard, excited yet nervous, my lungs bursting, my muscles exhausted.

Buy Diazepam Cheap Online My competitive swimming career started a few years ago when I was five years old, unaware that I would soon be in the most challenging race of my life. For years I practiced for hours on end, ignoring the frosty feeling of the water and the splashes of passing people. Day after day, I waited for the moment when I would be prepared enough to begin my first swimming meet. There were moments of excitement followed by terrible disappointment as I eagerly listened to the selected few children who could enter the upcoming race. Finally, after lots of hard work, I was ready to try my first competition.


Buy Valium 20Mg Online Uk Before I knew it, I was on the diving platform, my arms over my head in streamline position. The buzz of the starting sound flashed before me as I plunged into the water, furiously throwing my arms one after another. As I found that I was last place, something in my mind snapped as I remembered all the months of hard work and all the preparation I had to do to get in this moment. Suddenly, my legs whirled around like a motorboat and my hunched, exhausted arms stroked around like a overcharged machine, as I seemed to go back in time to visit all the flashbacks in the past few years.

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Buy Diazepam In The Uk All of a sudden- WHAM! My shaking fingers slammed against the end sensor and I was able to look up. I caught a glimpse of blue and glanced over, seeing the official handing me a bright turquoise ribbon with the words “First Place” embedded on it neatly in glimmering gold. My heart leaped with joy as I saw the scoreboard with ‘SAGE WANG, LANE 8″ marked as first place. As I ran over to my parents, still soaking wet, I danced and jumped in the air, filled with joy and confidence.


To conclude, ever since then, I have attended many meets and have not always won first place- but still will never give up and keep trying. Going to my very first swimming competition was an exciting clutch situation for me and the memory will always be in my heart.


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Rich Wang