The planet Tazexia

https://thewonderlist.net/eyd9p7fy By: Rich Wang



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    I grinned. It was another day to play. I grabbed out my tazer(or laser) and ran out the door. My friends were already at the place that we’d built for playing tazer tag. I grinned. Tazer tag was very fun. We shot each other with our tazers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at it. In the last 20 games, I’d died 999 times. Of course, once you died, you didn’t go to heaven. You regenerated automatically. The only way you could die was when you reached 150 years old.

    We organized the usual teams. Me, Bobby, and Pat vs. Jenny, Tom, and Bill. The game started. I easily sniped off Jenny (she was even worse than me), but then Tom 360 noscoped me. I growled. It was 5 – 10, since 360 noscoping got 10 points, while headshots/sniping got 5. Regular kills were worth 3 points.

    Half an hour past, and the score was 367 – 401. As usual, they were winning. I didn’t want to do this, but I had to, to keep up. I grabbed my rainbow gun, which I had bought from the store for $9,999.99 a fortune. I clicked nuke, and shot into the air. A rainbow flew into the air, and the nuke released rainbows everywhere, destroying the entire other team. Rainbow nuking was 12 points per person, so then the score was 403-401. Unfortunately, my gun was now jammed after using such a strong attack. I switched to my ice zapper and continued the game.

    There were 15 seconds left, and the score was 402-402. Then, I saw Jenny use a zapper. She destroyed Bobby and Pat with it. Every Person you zapped was 8 points. It was 402-416. 5 seconds left. Bobby 360 noscoped Bill. 412 – 416. There were now 2 seconds left. I grabbed my sniper. Just one more headshot and we’d win! I launched the last bullet I had. As swift as light, as strong as a gorilla, it flew. It hit Jenny. Then, I realized it wasn’t a headshot! I groaned. The timer buzzed, signaling the end of the game. The other team had won, 415-416. We shook hands.

    “Play again tomorrow?” I asked them.

    “Sure,” Bill said. I grinned. They had no Idea what I was going to do. I had been saving up lots of money. I went to the store and bought a force field. Tomorrow, they would get a nasty surprise!

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