The Adventures Of Skittles By Rich Wang

Skittles! Skittles slowly started walking forwards, not wanting the others to notice what he was going to try and get. He stalked a little closer. He was almost there! It was then that his owner turned around and saw him. Skittles let out a screech and leapt for the bowl of rice. He could already feel himself slurping up every last drop… Wait, what was this? He couldn’t get any closer to the rice! He squirmed and struggled, but a seemingly invisible force pulled him backwards. He turned around and saw that his owner was holding him! He realized that his owner was saying something about “Don’t touch,” but Skittles didn’t care.

He stalked off angrily and puffed out his fur. Why were cats always discriminated against? If his owner got to eat rice (which was Skittles’s 2cd favorite food) then why didn’t he? He hated the cat food that was put in front of him every day, but he had been forced to eat it ever since he realized that it was all he had to fill his tummy. He ate as little as possible, and hoped he could soon eat rice. There was also his favorite food, but his owner never bought that. He sighed, and decided to go explore a bit in the outside world. He went through the small hole in the door that his owner had put there so he could go out and exercise, and walked towards another house. He hoped that if he begged them enough, they would give him rice!

Buy Diazepam Without Then, he suddenly saw a family eating something through their open window. He looked again. Could it be? No, he was not mistaken. It was Sushi, his favorite food! His mouth began watering, and he wondered if he should wait for them to go to sleep before eating the leftovers. However, his belly protested. It was telling him that this was the first time in months that he could eat something besides that icky old cat food! He charged right through the window and let out a loud “Meow!” The family eating sushi took one look at him and screamed. They begin to run away from him. Skittles didn’t care. He licked up all their sushi in one big gulp, and felt as though he were flying. Then his brain thought, “Wait, if they had sushi, there must be more!” He instantly began attempting to open the refrigerator, but unfortunately, he wasn’t strong enough. He suddenly saw something out of the corner of his eye. He saw a strange man a holding a strange looking thing. Then the man pressed something on it, and instantly Skittles hurt all over. Then he fell unconscious…. He woke up and saw his owner glaring at him. He wondered what was happening, when he remembered the delicious sushi he had just devoured, and how he had fallen unconscious. He let out a satisfied burp right in his owner’s face. His owner made a growling sound. Then he started yelling random things that Skittles didn’t pay attention to. Something about “invading personal property,” and “huge fine.” And was that something about pest control having to come over and Taser him? He didn’t care. All that mattered was that he had finally had sushi! He was so happy that he didn’t care what would happen next. He began to fall asleep, and just before he did, he heard his owner say something. Something about “Abandoning a cat in Alaska?”

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Rich Wang