The Battle By: Sage Wang

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      The sound was heard again. “What is that noise?” I thought. Whatever it was, I was going to find out. Drawing my sword, I turned to Rachel and asked, “Anything?” She replied,

      “The lookouts see nothing right now, Buck Face.” I ignored her insult and kept searching for anything, when my eyes caught sight of something in the mist; but it was fading away, extremely quickly.

      “Send the defenses!” I yelled. She nodded obediently, and let loose our air defenses. Beeeepp…Beeeepp….

      “Our emergency call, Jason!” Rachel yelled. “They must have spotted that thing!”   Running at her side, I saw a jet speeding along, with someone in it. “Get the explosives ready!” she yelled to me. Running back to our base, I set the dynamite ready to blow. Rachel was screaming in the distance.

      “Oh no.” I thought. “That evil ship must have captured her!” The ship flew by again- with Rachel in it! I screamed again-in terror. Big mistake. While I was yelling, the ship lowered itself and threw me into the ship too.

      “Jason, you idiot,” Rachel was complaining, “Why did you scream when you should have set the explosives?”

      “I did.” I reminded her. “But now it’s up to our forces to shoot this stupid thing down.”

      “SHUT UP!” the evil man was yelling. “SHUT UP!” We looked back at our base. Our forces were doomed without us, their commanders. All we could do was hope our forces knew what to do.

      Our army looked worried. They looked at one another, frowning, some even bursting into tears. “We’re definitely doomed!” I thought. Our archers helplessly aimed arrows at the evil person’s aircraft, but they bounced off his front window.

      And then, out of nowhere, an explosion from a missile hit the aircraft and we were free. The stranger with the missile launcher had faded away somewhere. No one spoke, not even the evil man with his aircraft broken. The land was in absolute silence.

      Until an arrow broke that silence. It sliced through the air, and hit the evil man. For a second the man looked no different, but suddenly he teleported away.

      “I suppose we haven’t defeated the man yet.” I remarked, wondering exactly what had happened, the memories still foggy in my brain. “He seemed to teleport back to his base.” Rachel nodded with agreement.

      “The battle is not over yet,” she stated with a loud voice, strong with leadership. “We must fight.”

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