The Big Test

Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery Uk By: Sage Wang         One day, a girl named Sarah was sitting in her chair in Room 24. Her teacher, Ms. Sunny was announcing that there was a big test on Friday. The other children, Max, Danny, Henry, and Avery all thought this test was easy.

       When Sarah got home, she immediately told her mother about the test. “Oh Sarah, all you have to do is study and you will get a very good grade!” Sarah’s mother explained. But still, Sarah wasn’t confident.         It was Wednesday. Sarah knew she only had two more days to study. That day, during free time, Sarah studied for the test while Max, Danny, Henry, and Avery had fun. Even during recess Sarah studied. “I don’t care how much play time I miss. I’m studying for my own grades.” Sarah thought.         Soon, Sarah was home. “Mommy, I promise I will do my best and try my hardest.” Sarah said while the family was having dinner. “I know you will, Sarah.” Sarah’s mother told her with a large smile. Sarah knew her mother was right.

       Thursday afternoon, Sarah studied hard. But in the middle of her studying, a voice interrupted her. “I know the test so well, I don’t even need to study for it.” It was Max. Ms. Sunny put a finger to her lips. “Please be quiet, Max.” Ms. Sunny said to him.       Now Sarah was finally feeling confident. “Mommy, you were right. Since I studied, I have a better chance of getting a high grade.” Sarah said. “Yes, honey. When I was a child, I studied for tests. And I got higher grades.” Sarah’s mother told her.

        The big test day had come. Ms. Sunny passed a sheet of paper to everyone. “Once you get your test, you may start.” Ms. Sunny instructed. Sarah worked hard. She tried her best to get every single one of the questions correct.

        The papers were graded. “Only one student got a perfect score. That student is Sarah!” Ms. Sunny said. Max gasped. “But I was sure I would get a perfect score!” he cried. “Well Max, you didn’t. I’m sorry Max.” Ms. Sunny told him. Sarah felt very proud.       When her parents heard the news, they all smiled with joy. Sarah hugged and kissed her parents. That one day had made a huge difference in Sarah’s life.