The Creature

Jason with his spear/sword

Jason with his spear/sword By: Sage Wang

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     The light flashed again. “Rachel!” I screamed. “It’s on my side now!” She ran over and muttered under her breath,

     â€œJason, that’s not a good sign.” I looked at her confused.

     â€œWhat do you mean?”

     â€œLook at your skin!” she replied sharply, shivering all over. I leered down and saw my skin getting paler every second. “It’s that creature. It’s consuming your energy. We need to find help before you pass out.” I felt the power against me, draining my energy bit by bit. She was right. We needed help.

     Sprinting through the jagged path, we hid behind a tree while Rachel mumbled a few words. Almost instantly, I received my energy back.

     â€œThe spell won’t last long.” Rachel mumbled through gritted teeth. “We’ve got to run.” We drew our spears and found the creature sitting behind a bush.

     â€œLook.” I told Rachel. “Either we find a way to kill this creature-“

     â€œNo,” she interrupted. “We will kill this creature.” Stabbing my spear from behind, I managed to get a surprise attack on the creature. The thing picked me up and I screamed,

     â€œRachel, NOW!” She let loose the sparkling gem, the secret power that we had kept for years, waiting for the time to use it. And that time was now. It shot into the sky and beams of light flashed down, causing the creature to loosen his grip on me. I saw my chance. Gripping the gem tightly, I threw it directly on the creature’s chest and it crumpled into dust, gone.

     We were safe.


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