The Life of Bob

Bob. (Well, sort of.) By: Rich Wang

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  Bob had a very sad life. All he did was sleep and eat, 24^7. He couldn’t play with his toys, exercise, or even learn! The reason Bob was restricted to eating and sleeping was because King Queen (Yes, his first name was Queen.) had cursed him with the following spell:

  Curse Bob Now. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!!!!! 

  Only a 15-year-old man could save Bob. However, one day while he was eating breakfast, he heard a knock on his door.

  “Can Sir. Epic Man come in? Yes he can!”

  So, a 15-year-old man marched into his house

  “Yo! You must be Bob! I’ll rescue you!”

  So, Sir. Epic Man dragged Bob out the front door.

  Bob was free! He tried to celebrate, but he hadn’t stood up in so long that he crashed to the ground. Then, he felt a rock clonk on his head. The last thing he saw before he passed out was Sir. Epic Man’s smirk.

  Bob awoke in a strange factory. He saw thousands of people chained to a brick wall. Suddenly, he realized he was chained!!!


Rich Wang