The Magic Lake By: Sage Wang


         One day, a very small, yellow, red, brown, and orange egg was shaking and jumping a lot at Abigail’s house. It shook and shook and jumped and jumped! And with one final burst, BAM! The egg cracked open. Abigail couldn’t believe her eyes. Inside the egg was the most beautiful fairy Abigail had ever seen before. Her clothes were yellow, red, orange, and brown. “Hello, Abigail.” she said with a bright smile. “My name is Autumn. I was named Autumn because my clothes are all autumn colors.”

Cheap Msj Diazepam       “Hello, Autumn.” Abigail said shyly. “Abigail, I like your smooth, black hair so much! But I am so, so sorry about all those cuts, bruises, and scratches on your skin.” remarked Autumn. “Yes.” sighed Abigail. “I hate those things too.” she replied.       “Perhaps one day, I shall take you to the Magic Lake.” Autumn said, her eyes twinkling. “What is the Magic Lake?” Abigail asked. “The Magic Lake grants wishes.” explained Autumn. “But, if you are a bad person, the lake does the opposite of what you asked for.

Cheap Valium China       “Abigail!” her mother yelled. “You need to do your homework! Do you want me to put you in timeout?” “No!” Abigail quickly responded. “Of course not!” “May I live in your hair?” Autumn asked quickly. “It is quite comfortable.”  â€œOf course!” said Abigail. “I like having someone to talk with.“ she said.       Soon, Abigail finished her homework. “Autumn,” she said, “I am curious about the Magic Lake.” “There is one problem.” Autumn sighed. “There is a knight guarding the lake!” she cried. “I believe we can beat him.” said Abigail confidently. “You are right!” said Autumn. “We can!” she exclaimed, dashing into Abigail’s hair. “Good night, Autumn.” whispered Abigail. And Autumn and Abigail slept peacefully together.

Buy Valium Toronto       Abigail and Autumn soon woke up. “Watch this!” said Autumn. She sprinkled a pitch of fairy dust on Abigail. And fairy wings began to grow on Abigail! “Come with me.” Autumn said. Soon, they flew out of the window and past trees, plants and many, many houses. And there was the Magic Lake.       How will we get past the knight?” asked Abigail. “I have an idea!” said Autumn. “Watch.” Suddenly, Autumn waved her wand in a special pattern. In a flurry of sparkles, the knight disappeared. “Wow!” Abigail exclaimed. “How did you do that?” “Magic!” said Autumn happily. “Now Abigail, you may make your wish now!” So Abigail stepped forward and said, “I wish my skin looked as beautifully as my friend, Autumn. Immediately there was a bright flash, and Abigail’s skin had no more cuts, bruises and scratches.

      “Let’s fly back now.” said Abigail. And they both flew off. When they reached home, Autumn said, “I’m so sorry. I must go home with my other fairy friends, Spring, Summer and Winter. They are all waiting for me. Goodbye!” she whispered.

Buy Diazepam England       Abigail was going to miss Autumn a lot. But still, Abigail was thankful of what Autumn did for her.

Rich Wang