The Search For Paradise

Cindy at soccer practice

Cindy at soccer practice By: Sage Wang This is it. The time of life where she was doomed. The ring of fire was blazing around her ankles, ashes bursting on her soft skin. She was ready to be burned, and braced for help. “Cindy, wake up!” a voice yelled as the ground began to tremble. “Is my mother here?” Cindy thought. The fire had reached her chest. “AHHH!” she yelled. And then the world disappeared. “Cindy, are you all right?” Cindy recognized this voice. Yes, this was her mother.

“Yyyy-es.” Cindy was able to stutter.

“You need to get ready. You have a soccer game tomorrow on Saturday. Lucky you it’s the summer. You would be so late!” SLAM! The door slammed shut. Cindy sighed and tore on her soccer clothes. “This is crazy. As a sixth grader next year, don’t I deserve some respect?” she sighed. Oh, well. I guess I’ll go out for breakfast now. “Mom, I’m ready.”

“Fine. I’ll take you to soccer.” she said, “Yes, I’ll help you now, but I’m trying to take Cindy to soccer practice…” she then mumbled.

“She’s not taking me! All she’s doing is answering the phone!” Cindy thought. “Why did Dad have to go to work today….” Cindy sighed as her mother started to drive down the road. “Make a right turn on Florway Blvd.” the GPS said, Cindy’s mother making a right turn.

Buy Real Diazepam Uk “Cindy, do not be rude to your parents. Just a reminder, I never said you were rude.” she said with a sigh. Cindy hopped out of the car.

“Come, Cindy! We’re practicing kicks!” Coach Benny yelled, welcoming Cindy to the team. Cindy kicked the ball forward and backward with the team, The Flames.

“Hmmm. That was so similar to my dream.” Cindy thought, wondering when paradise would ever arrive. When practice was over, Cindy went home, wondering why she had a nightmare, when she usually didn’t. She looked at her plate then, how all the beef stacked up looking like a castle. “What if I replaced that with candy?” she thought giggling.

“Cindy!” her mother scolded, “Eat your dinner, now!” Cindy sighed and kept eating. She soon left the dinner table reading her favorite book. Children lived in a house of candy, in paradise. Cindy wished to live there badly. She wanted to live in paradise with the little children.

“Good night, Cindy.” her mother said, tucking in her covers. Then Cindy started snoring softly….

The flames suddenly burned out, and the ashes suddenly disappeared from her skin. A rainbow fairy came, stretching her wand out. “Thank you, thank you for saving my life.” Cindy whispered softly to her.

“No, thank you for coming here to Flameworld.” the fairy whispered. This is the flame part of Flameworld. Now the world part is in danger because the flames are taking over our land. Will you help us kill the flames? If you do, you will be rewarded…” she cried with hope.

“Yes, I will try, but I-“

“You do not need anything. What you believe will come true.” the fairy said, reading her mind. ”Thank you.” The fairy saw the flames coming, and ran off, leaving Cindy alone again….

RING! RING! Cindy woke with a start. “Are the flames still here?” Cindy thought. No, this was the real world. Cindy checked her alarm clock. It was 6:00. She still had an hour to sleep….

The flames suddenly rose up again, Cindy becoming petrified. “Flames,” she thought, “Go out.” The flames lowered a bit. “Flames, go out!” The flames lowered even more. “FLAMES! GO OUT!” she yelled, her mind raging with anger. How could she let all these fairies die… The flames died, Cindy’s mind cooling. This was true. She could control the flames within her mind, this was her dream, she could control it easily….

“Cindy, why are there ashes on your skin?” Cindy woke again. “I, I don’t know.” she stuttered. But Cindy really knew. “Flameworld, it is real. This is the reward, my dreams coming true.” she thought. Cindy walked to play outside, then she stopped, her eyes opened wide. There in her yard, was a huge house of candy. “My dreams came true, so did this.” she gasped. Cindy reached and tasted the candy. “Yum, yum!” It was the sweetest candy Cindy had ever tasted. And from that day on, Cindy always had wanted to thank the fairy, and she always visited her little “candy house”.


Rich Wang