The Sphere Of Life

The Sphere Of Life

Buy Genuine Diazepam Online The Sphere Of Life By: Sage Wang      

Cheap Valium From India “Oh, no! My grandfather will die soon. And….” Ken thought of all the horrible things. “I bet all I’ll get to eat is a peanut butter sandwich, since that’s pretty much the only thing I know how to make. Maybe I could have cereal, or maybe-“ CRASH! Rain blundered from the sky, lightning flickered from the sky, and thunder boomed, interrupting Ken’s thoughts. “-some water.” he finished. Ken sighed. Just as he went to wake his grandfather out of bed, he gasped at what he saw. Ken’s grandfather’s eyes were not moving at all, -the same for his arms and legs also. “It can’t be…..” Ken told himself. “No, it can’t be.” he repeated, noticing that his grandfather’s body was not moving like a stone, also. “NO! IT CAN’T BE!” It was true. Ken’s grandfather was dead, forever. Ken tried to pick up his grandfather. Man, he was heavy, no, very heavy. Ken only had enough strength to push his grandfather, um…, on the floor. Oof! Ken started pushing his grandfather outside, and left him there like a statue, to remind him of the things his grandfather had done for him.

As Ken walked back to his grandfather’s room, he could not believe his eyes. Something was glowing -the color somewhat between yellow and orange, which made Ken feel stronger, somehow. As Ken stepped forward get a closer look at the gleaming object, he picked it up. Letters were carved into the object, which was shaped like a sphere. It read: THIS OBJECT IS THE SPHERE OF LIFE. IT CAN ONLY GRANT YOU ONE WISH. USE WISELY. As Ken held the gleaming, shiny object, he could have sworn he had heard voices.

Buy Diazepam Online China “Harry! Now’s our chance to steal The Sphere Of Life! We could wish for a mansion!” “Great idea, Bob!” “Those thieves will not steal this treasure from me. I must protect it. And with that, Ken imminently made plans to trap the two thieves.

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Ken ran out of his small house. Behind it, there was the thieves’ house. Quickly, Keen dug a deep hole behind the front door. “I’m pretty sure the thieves will fall into this hole once they have entered their house. Then, I just might be able to call the cops.” Ken decided. Next, Ken placed several explosives underneath the house, and added a small, thin presser plate by the door. “If the thieves don’t fall in the hole, they might step on the presser plate that will activate these explosives.” Ken thought. After that, Ken ran back to his small house. Again, he heard the thieves coming back home.. Just in case, Ken slipped The Sphere Of Life into his pocket. Ken peeked around the side of his home.

“Why is there a hole in the middle of our house, Bob?” Harry, one of the thieves asked, easily stepping over the hole that Ken had dug. “No, why is there a presser plate in our home?” asked Bob, another one of the thieves, picking the presser plate up and throwing it in the trash.

“Oh, no!” Ken gasped. “None of the traps worked!” “Who is that?” asked Bob. “Aha!” exclaimed Harry. “Lookie here!” he said, pointing at Ken. “I’ve found a nice servant for our house.” “Good idea.” snickered Bob. “And look in his pocket, he has The Sphere Of Life!“ “Okay, Servant 1. Give us The Sphere Of Life.” Harry snorted. “These thieves are so rude.” Ken thought. “You can’t do it like that.” Bob replied. “Watch the master do this.” “Little boy, come here, and give us The Sphere Of Life and shut up!” Bob sang in a completely out of tune voice rudely. “Okay.” Ken thought. “These people are rude and stupid.”

“I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way, then, little boy.” Harry said. “GET HIM!” Harry ordered. Ken ran off from the two clumsy thieves, gaining speed as he went. But, the two thieves kept bumping into each other and tripping and… “WHY DID YOU TRIP ME? I ALMOST GOT HIM!” Bob yelled. “YOU DID NOT!” replied Harry. “You were one yard away from him!” replied Bob. And after that, the race for life began again.

“Wait a minute.” thought Ken. “I can wish for the police to come. His eyes shimmering, Ken held The Sphere Of Life in his hand. “I wish that the cops would be here and they would arrest these foolish thieves. Suddenly, there was a burst of sparkles, and two fierce-looking police had appeared. â€œHANDS UP, OR I’LL SHOOT!” the first police yelled. “NOW!” the second added. With that, both of the thieves ran off.

“MERCY, MERCY!” Harry screamed in fright as he ran from the aggressive looking police. “SOMEONE SAVE US!” yelled Bob. And with one blast from the police’s guns, BANG, BANG! The thieves had been slayed. “Thank you, sir.” Ken said, gasping for air. The police said nothing in return. A bright light appeared, and the two police imminently disappeared. Ken looked at The Sphere Of Life. It was no longer glowing. It was like the lamp burning out. “Wow.” Ken gasped. “This really works.” And Ken always kept that sphere in his bedroom to remind him of that great wishing power of The Sphere Of Life.


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