The Trip to the Volcano By: Sage Wang

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“I’m leaving.” I said, putting on shoes. “And I won’t be back!”

Buy Genuine Valium Online Uk “Wait!” my brother Rich shouted. “You can’t leave without me!” He put on his tennis shoes, and jumped out the door with me.

Buy Valium In Canada “Okay, fine.” I sighed. ”I guess you can come too.” So we ran past a few mountains, and my brother and I teleported to Mount Everest!

“My latest invention, the teleporter!” Rich sang out. “That’s how we teleported!” Rich then explained. I was curious about it and started pushing random buttons. “NO!” Rich yelled with fear. “DON’T-“ It was too late. We teleported to a volcano. “-PRESS THAT BUTTON.” Rich moaned, finishing his sentence. Lava poured down the volcano’s sides.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” we screamed simultaneously. “THE VOLCANO IS ERUPTING!”

“You were the one who brought the teleporter!” I complained.

“You started our journey!” Rich groaned.

“You- LAVA IS POURING DOWN ON US!” I screamed. “RUN!!!” We ran for our lives as fast as lightning.

“I think my clothes are on fire!” my brother shrieked.

“That’s your orange shirt you idiot!” I screamed back while running.

“I am not an idiot!” he shouted back.

“WHO CARES- RUN!!!” I yelled. We then found the teleporter and teleported back home.

“What an adventure!” Rich grinned.

“Yeah!” I agreed. I had to agree with him this time- it was truly an adventure all right!


Rich Wang