The War

 Arnold and Melissa arguing about belief Arnold and Melissa arguing about belief

Buy Cheap Valium Online By: Sage Wang      

Buy Valium In Uk Cheap       “How does belief help you?” Melissa asks me. “Belief is power.” I replied. “Why does Melissa always not believe in the power of belief?” I wondered. “Okay… fine.” She resorted. “I believe I’m famous. And I’m not.” Melissa rolled her eyes at me.

      “C’mon, Arnold!” I told myself. “I must get Melissa to believe in the power of belief!” Oh, and I’m Arnold, and Melissa is my sister. She’s seventeen, and I’m twelve. We always argue so much, though I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s cuz she thinks I’m too young to be right. Oh, and did I mention how much Melissa brags about herself? I forgot to mention, it’s the first day of summer!

Buy Diazepam 5Mg       “Wait, Melissa!” I suddenly cried. “Don’t leave me yet, I can explain!” But Melissa ran off, not stopping to hear my opinion. Oh, boy. How am I ever going to get Melissa to understand the power of belief? I’m never going to. This is I, and right now I feel like my brain is filled with stupidity.      â€œMom?” I ask. “Will you help me convince Melissa to believe in the power of belief?” “Ha, ha, ha!” she snorts. “There’s no such thing as belief that’s power! Son, stop daydreaming!” she said, making a shooing gesture with her hand. Oh my… It’s surely going to be hard to convince anyone to believe in the power of belief.

     Me and Melissa, NO! NO! I mean Melissa and I! Sorry about the grammar mistake! Did I mention how much I hate mistakes of grammar? To move on, Melissa and I have totally different character traits. She brags so much, and talks like a machine! I on the other hand, in fact like to not show off or brag. I only show off when my friends dare me too! Okay, okay, maybe I do brag more than that, but I surely don’t talk as much as Melissa! But Melissa always says I show off so much and I always talk like crazy. She’s the one who’s crazy!

      Finally Melissa came back. This time though, she came back with a smirk on her face. “You want to argue with me?” she shouted. “We’re having a war!” “What kind of war?” I asked. I suck at using guns! She snorted. “A wrestling war!” I gulped. “At least a video game war!” I demanded. “Oh, fine.” she sighed. “A video game wrestling war!” Great, I’m still going to suck at this game.

      “Okay, here’s the game!” Melissa said. “It’s called Virtual Wresting. The war’s gonna start in a week, got it chump?” “You’d better work on those fingering skills, sir! Cause I’m going to beat you like a boss!” “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now go before I kick ya in the boodie!” I said, defending myself. But deep inside, I know I’m no wrestling champ. Not even the tiniest bit.

      The next day, I had a lot to do. I can still see Melissa, lying in her bed like it’s midnight when it’s actually morning already. Last night, I found this super cool place where they train you to get better at any type of video game! Wait, don’t get carried away with the excitement yet! Bad news, I don’t have enough money to afford the class. You’re probably thinking, “That’s dumb! Why did you tell us anyway?”

      Because I have no reason, people. You guys, don’t go and drop the book now, I have a story to tell! Oh good, you’re still here! I found another place last night, and I can afford it! And soon, Arnold had brought the class.

      “First kid, we’re gonna warm up your fingers.” The teacher said. “In, out, in, out…” he continued at a very paced speed. This is crazy! I thought this would be fun, not working like a maniac! But anyway, I’ll do anything to beat Melissa in the “war”. Now, let’s get to the game.” the teacher said. Finally! This is gonna rock! “Now, this button is to punch, this one to kick, and this to jab. Got it kid?” he asks. I nod my head slightly. There’s a ton of practice, and soon, I even beat the guy who taught me how to play the game! Beating Melissa will be a breeze! All week, I train at the place, and soon the teacher calls me a master! Tomorrow, it’s showdown time!

     The day had come. Turns out, Melissa had been training too! All I saw her do was sleep! This is interesting. “I slept in the day, and trained in the night. And, I turned off the volume.” Melissa snorts rudely. WHAT???? THIS IS CRAZY!

      “Starting,, now!” Melissa said, inserting the disk. The television flashed. Two characters appeared on the screen. I started with a jab, then Melissa kicked me, causing my health bar to decrease in the game. I let out a punch, but she instantly knocked me out with a powerful jab. “I win!” she smirked. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless as she claims victorious. But, I use one of my revives. Angrily, Melissa turns back to the game.

      She started out again with a kick, which I easily countered with a punch. I started reliving myself until I ran out of relives. It was the final battle. I faced Melissa on the television, both of us looking fierce and strong. As we jabbed each other, Melissa started to use her relives and she was back to full health. Finally, she let out a rampage of attacks. As I looked at the screen, I had lost the war. Melissa cheered. “I win! I won the war!” she jeered. I shook my head in disbelief. Could it be? But it was true, Melissa had won the war, and I was humiliated.

I raged with anger. “One more round,” I told her, “And whoever wins this one is the true winner!” ‘You just don’t want to lose, but don’t worry, you’ll lose again!” she laughed, accepting the rematch.

      Once again, Melissa let out series of quick and powerful moves. This time though, I was prepared. I copied Melissa’s strategy going with a rampage of moves, her health bar falling. Jab, kick, punch! Soon, Melissa’s health bar had lowered to zero. “Impossible!” she yelled angrily, shaking her fist. But she knew she had lost the war already. I smirked at her, her face turning bright red, she knowing I had won the war.


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