The Year of 2115

Buy Valium Next Day Uk By: Sage Wang

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It’s 2115 (the year), and flying cars have finally been invented by my brother Rich Wang, who is 110 years old now! He is now a famous inventor. My car zoomed through the air. I used my computer glasses to search up a GPS. Oh, my brother invented computer glasses too. Basically, when you wear them, they are just like computers except you can just type in your mind instead of you having to use a keyboard.

Finally, I reach the mall thanks to my computer glasses and my flying car. Many people are now reading my latest novel, “The War”. Yes, I’m now a famous best-selling author. In the mall, I buy myself a shirt that changes color. (My brother invented that too.) Then. I climb back into my flying car and zoom back home with the GPS from my computer glasses.

When I got home, I thought, “I feel bad for the people who lived in the year of 2015. They didn’t have all these amazing inventions and books by me!”

However, there are some downsides in the year 2115. One is that children must be over the age of 8 before you can ride in a carnival ride by yourself, no matter how tall you are. In my opinion, that’s unfair to those really tall children who are like, 7. Also, you can’t be a teacher unless you are over the age of 32 these days. What a RIP-OFF! I know lots of young teachers who are even better teachers than people over the age of 32!

The good thing is, my brother was so famous, when he ran for president, he won! He made taxes, clothes, and other things (including his inventions) cheaper! He was such a great president, he was president for a second term! During that time, he invented pencils that didn’t need to be sharpened forever!

In conclusion, that’s what the year of 2115 is like. In another hundred years, I’ll tell you about the life of 2215! I wonder what it will be like, don’t you?

Rich Wang