The Year of 2215 By: Sage Wang

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Welcome back to the year of 2215. I am getting quite old (I’m 208), and so is my brother (he’s 210)! Right now, I’m still wearing my color-changing shirt, but now I’m also wearing my mind-reading hat. Basically, when you wear it, it lets you read people’s minds! I was reading a teenager’s brain and nearly fell over laughing. “I need to use the restroom to go poop!” was what the teenager’s brain was saying. My brother also invented that.

I’ve also published a new book, “The Grassy Meadow” and lots of children enjoy the book, even my own kids- Justin and Keria. I dedicated my book to them, too! I’m now also a motivational speaker, to give inspiration to children and adults who are discouraged.

Also, the government FINALLY decided to take out the law that teachers must be over the age of 32. They changed the age limit to 18, which sounds so much better!

Plus, my brother invented TELEPORTERS! They are so cool! The only problem is that they’re $1,000,000.00 dollars! That’s right, they’re extremely hard to afford because they are so expensive!

However, there still are some downsides in the year of 2215. For one thing, it costs a lot more money to but a car in these days. Many people have to even have to rent cars because cars are too expensive to afford.

Also, schools have shortened recess to 15 minutes. That’s not fair! Children should get to have fun and exercise longer than that!

Another thing is that people must retire from whatever job they have at age 55. (I don’t know how I keep writing books and no one notices me breaking the law.) But some teachers are older than the age of 55, but they teach really well! I mean, why should you be forced to retire when you do your job really well?

I forgot to mention that now children aren’t allowed to buy anything. Parents must do it. That’s sort of unfair, in my opinion. But anyways, in another 100 years I’ll tell you about life in 2315. I’m excited about what life will be like then, aren’t you?


Rich Wang