Winter Wonderland

Jonny and Thomas  making a snowman Jonny and Thomas making a snowman

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Buy Diazepam Uk Next Day Delivery Whoosh! A cold blast of wind swept against Jonny’s clear bedroom window. He peacefully was sleeping on his soft pillow under the warm and cozy covers. Another blast of wind was so strong, it blew open his window and on Jonny’s face! Jonny yawned and woke up. He jumped out of bed and peered out his bedroom window. Jonny couldn’t believe his eyes! Snow covered the land and icicles hung from the trees! Jonny’s mouth came all the way open. It was snowing today! Jonny ran down the stairs and put on his thickest jacket. He slipped on his gloves and boots and shot out the door. Jonny shivered. Brrr! It was freezing today! Suddenly, there was a shout. Jonny looked around, and found out that his closest neighbor, Thomas had come out to play too! “Hello, Jonny! It’s so cold today!” Thomas said. “No, Thomas! You’ve got it all wrong! It’s freezing today!” Jonny replied back. Both boys laughed. Jonny quickly made a small snowball and when Thomas wasn’t looking, he threw it at him! Jonny laughed. While Jonny was laughing, Thomas made a snowball too, and when Jonny wasn’t looking, he threw one back at him.

“Brrrrr! Even the snow today is cold!” Jonny said with a big grin. “You’ve got that right!” Thomas laughed. Jonny started making a giant snowball. “Jonny, what are you doing?” asked Thomas. “I’m making a snowman!” answered Jonny. As Jonny finished the bottom of the snowman, Thomas rushed to help make the middle of the snowman. Soon enough, they had finished the three body parts for the snowman.

Jonny stuck a carrot on the snowman for a nose, as Thomas worked on putting charcoal on the snowman for the eyes and mouth. “Come on, Thomas! Help me break two branches for the arms of the snowman!” Jonny yelled. “Coming!” Thomas called back. They each broke one branch from a leafless tree and stuck it on each side of the snowman. “It’s finished!” Jonny said proudly. “We did it! We made our own snowman!” Thomas cried happily, high fiving Jonny. And they ran off to happily to take a nice, long rest in their warm and cozy beds. ​

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