You Shorty!

Buy Diazepam Amazon The Cursor is on the left, and Daniel Poot is on the right

Buy Valium Boots By: Rich Wang

  Daniel Poot, or Daniel Poop, as his friends called him, had a very sad life. He had messed with the wrong person (someone who called himself The Cursor). He had said: “Your nose is ugly,” to The Cursor. “You dare mess with me???!!!! I am The Cursor! All who mess with me shall feel my wrath!” The Cursor had said. “Uh, OK,” Daniel had said, unimpressed. “Whatsya (what are you) gonna do to me?” ”I curse you so that you’ll always be too short or too high when you are doing something!”

  After returning home, (but not before cussing at The Cursor) Daniel had walked home. It was 9:00 pm, so Daniel went to sleep. After he ate breakfast, Daniel got in his dad’s car to go to school. Well, he tried to get in his dad’s car. When he opened the car door, he grew 16 feet. His dad had said something about a dream of him being so tall, before he had fainted. So, Daniel had told his mom that Dad has fainted, add said that he was going to walk to school. When he was nearly halfway there, he suddenly shrunk form a whooping 16’, to a not so whooping 16mm. After about 5 more hours, he finally got to school, where he was given a tardy slip (he was now back to normal height) and told that his class was at P.E. He quickly ran to the P.E. room, where he saw his class sitting down on the floor, listening to Coach Birdy give directions. Suddenly, there was a flurry of motion to get on the two benches that were about 15 feet across from each other. As he sat down next to his best friend, Carl Newton, he asked: “What are we playing?” “Dodgeball,” Carl replied. Daniel grinned. Dodgeball was his sport. He rocked at it. “After all,” he thought. “What could possibly go wrong?”


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Rich Wang